The last three face-to-face meetings against Dominic Thiem have not been easy for Rafael Nadal. Will the Spaniard play more confidently in the match to be held on January 29? – read in our prediction.

At what time will Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem play?
The game time is January 29, 2020, from 08:30 AM AEDT.

What are the player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Rafael Nadal is the 33rd of the ATP Tour Ranking and Dominic Thiem takes the 5th positions in it.

How many wins does Rafael Nadal have?
Rafael Nadal has won 67% of his games.

How many wins does Dominic Thiem have?
Dominic Thiem has won 66% of his games.

Bet and win

Rafael Nadal

From an early age, Raphael showed amazing abilities and easily beat not only peers but also rivals who were several years older than him.
At the age of fifteen, the athlete made his debut on a professional level.

In the summer of 2002, Rafael first won the ITF Futures Championship alone. In the same season, he celebrated a triumph five more times in the competitions of this series and also reached the 1/2 finals of the Wimbledon Youth Championship.

In 2003, a novice tennis player twice won the Challenger, and in June, won the first ATP champion title in pairs, at a championship that took place in Croatia.

A year later, Nadal won the ATP Championship for the first time already in singles.

In 2005, the Spaniard makes a real breakthrough in his career. Then he eleven times celebrated a triumph in the championships of the ATP series and achieved his debut victory in the grand slam tournament, beating all rivals at the French Open. This allowed him to climb immediately to the second line of the world ranking card.

The year 2006 brings the athlete one more Victoria at the French Open and five ATP champion titles. In each subsequent season, Rafael won several different ATP tournaments.

2007 year The Spaniard won the third in a row victory at the French Open and made his way to the final round of Wimbledon, where he was defeated by Federer.

In 2008, the athlete finally managed to take up Federer in the final meeting of the Wimbledon Championship. A little later, in the summer, he went to the Olympics in China, where he won the gold award alone.

The Spaniard got the second gold OI four years later in London, but only in the doubles competition playing together with Marco Lopez.

Most often, Nadal won the open championship of France – there he defeated all competitors eleven times. At the US Open, he was able to win twice and the same at Wimbledon.

In the world ranking, the athlete did not fall below the 10th position, starting in 2005. He finished four seasons as the first racket of the world and six times became the second-best shade of the planet. In 2013, the Spaniard for the last time ranked first in the ranking, after a triumph at the American Open Championship.

Nadal was eight times behind in the final rounds of the grand slam tournaments, four times he lost to Novak Djokovic and three times to Roger Federer.

The idol of many tennis fans also set a record for the number of wins in the championships of the ATP Masters series – there are more than thirty of them.

Rafael shows good results, speaking in the composition of his national team – he managed to win the Davis Cup 4 times.

Nadal faced difficulties in a match against Kyrgios. The Australian resisted the first racket of the world. Nick was supported by the stands, so he even managed to win one game. But he could not achieve anything more. As a result, Rafa celebrated the victory with a score of 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, 7-6.

It is worth noting that in that meeting, the Spaniard lost his first set at the tournament. Prior to this, Nadal of all his rivals passed quite easily. For example, Pablo Carreno-Busta, he gave only seven games, Federico Delbonis – ten, and Hugo Dellien – five.

Dominic Thiem

The athlete showed himself brightly at the junior level and by the age of eighteen was one of the most talented and promising tennis players on the planet. That season, he managed to get into the final stage of the open French championship for juniors. He also made his way far in various championships and beat all rivals in such a famous and prestigious championship as the Orange Bowl.

In parallel, the Austrian began to participate in adult championships, compete in Challenger tours and main ATP tours. He looked good on the background of his rivals, but at first, he could not win due to the minuses in the game, which he got rid of by the fall of 2011. Then the gifted newcomer reached the final stage of the ITF Futures tournament.

The very next season, Dominic won three Futures tournaments singly and two in pairs at once, and in 2013 he added four more singles wins.

At the end of May 2015, the tennis player took the debut ATP champion title. After a couple of months, he won two more ATP-250 tournaments, which took place in Croatia and Switzerland. Thanks to these results, he climbed into the top twenty of the world rankings table by himself.

The year 2016 brought him four more victories at the ATP championships.

A year later, he finally managed to successfully perform at the grand slam tournaments. First, the Austrian got to the fourth round of the Australian Open and then reached a similar result at the Wimbledon Championship. This made it possible for the athlete to immediately rise to the fifth line of the world ranking.

In 2018, at the French Open, the Austrian for the first time went to the final round, knocking out a few tennis players from the top 10 from the tournament. However, in a decisive meeting for the title, he was defeated by Nadal.

In the same season, Dominic won three victories in the championships of the ATP-250 series and again made his way into the fourth round of the Australian Open.

A year later, the tennis player could not compete in the championship in Australia, having flown out already in the 2nd round. But after that, he triumphantly performed at the ATP Masters, defeating Roger Federer himself in the final in 3 sets.

Tim seems to have finally gained stability. On this Major, he looks confident enough, and in his game, there are no frank failures. Even in the sets in which he lost, there was a struggle. For example, Fritz won his game in a tie-break, and Bolt in one of the sets celebrated his victory with a score of 7-5.

Here in Melbourne, at the right moments, Dominic switches on his maximum mode and takes sets with special ease. So, for example, it was in a match against Alex Bolt. Losing in the course of the meeting, Thiem defeated the Australian in the last two games with a score of 6-1, 6-2. Something similar happened in the last confrontation with Monfils, in which the Austrian won in three games (6-2, 6-4, 6-4).

Statistics and personal meetings

  • In full-time meetings, the score is 9-4 in favor of Nadal.
  • Thiem beat Rafael in two games in Barcelona last year.
  • In 2 of the last 3 full-time confrontations, Thiem won at least a game.

Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem Prediction

On hard, Nadal can’t turn on the “God mode.” Still, this is not his favorite cover. In this regard, we doubt the easy walk for the Spaniard. If Kirgios imposed a fight on him, then Thiem will succeed. In the shootings on the back of the line, Dominic looks more interesting than Rafael, so he can complicate the life of the favorite as much as possible.

Our prediction Dominic Thiem will win.