In the third round match of Australian Open on January 23, tournament leader Serena Williams will play against Qiang Wang. We propose to consider in the prediction for the match the chances of Serena for another confident won.

Bet and win

Qiang Wang

In the 2019 season, Chinese tennis player Qiang Wang reached the Australian Open to the third round. She then won two convincing victories over Ferro and Krunich in the first matches, but could not oppose anything against the first serious opponent Anastasija Sevastova (3-6, 3-6).

This year the situation is much similar. In the opening matches, there was a convenient tournament grid for Qiang Wang with Parmentier and Ferro in rivals. Confidently confirmed the status of a favorite Chinese tennis player. In the third round to play with Williams. Last year, at the US Open, nothing could help Qiang Wang with Serena’s powerful game (1-6, 0-6).

Serena Williams

In the 2020 season, Serena Williams has not lost a single match. I was able to take the title in Auckland and continue the winning streak in Melbourne.

In matches against Potapova (6-0, 6-3) and Zidanshek (6-2, 6-3), Williams did not experience serious difficulties. The American obviously feels comfortable in games with rivals who do not have a powerful pitch. Qiang Wang in this regard is also not one of those who are capable of delivering serious difficulties.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • In a single personal meeting, Williams won with a handicap of (-11) games.
  • In the 2019 season, in the first three circles in the Australian Open, Williams defeated rivals with a handicap (-5.5) of games.
  • Two starting matches at Australian Open 2020 ended with Williams winning with a handicap (-5.5) of games.

Qiang Wang vs Serena Williams Prediction

Williams in good shape approached the start of the Australian Open, won two convincing victories with decent minus odds in two starting matches. In a personal meeting last year, Williams defeated Qiang Wang. We do not expect that in the third round the American will experience any difficulties and suggest betting on the sure won of the favorite.

Our prediction Williams will win.