The referee of the tennis match Priscilla Hon – Angelique Kerber must sign the start on January 22, 2020, there is very little time left to prepare, so opponents need to intensify their training. Priscilla Hon and Angelique Kerber have been playing professionally for more than ten years in tennis, so they had to meet six times at various tournaments, and if Priscilla Hon has four wins, then Angelique Kerber can only boast of two wins.

Bet and win

Priscilla Hon

This season, Priscilla Hon shows a much better shape than in the past, although that year he managed to reach the finals at this tournament. Now is an earlier stage, so so far no one doubts that Priscilla Hon will be able to go further. Moreover, at the previous two tournaments, we managed to go far, and the elimination was caused by defeats from the main contenders for the victory. Yes, Priscilla Hon does not yet have enough experience, since only three years participate in tennis. But, on the other hand, Priscilla Hon has an enormous supply of energy, allowing even five grueling sets to run off the court at a high pace. As for this tournament, it is clear that Priscilla Hon does not play at full strength and saves energy, as there were opponents who did not have to put all their trump cards to defeat. Priscilla Hon loves hard with his fast play so that again he will be able to please his fans.

Angelique Kerber

At this tournament, Angelique Kerber performs regularly, and moreover, there has never been such a thing as to fail to get at least to the quarter-finals. For six years, managed to win two victories, so that Angelique Kerber is again among the main favorites and will try to meet the expectations of fans. The latter is especially important, as the tournament is at home, and Angelique Kerber feels a huge responsibility. Six games were played at the beginning of the season, of which four were won. Two defeats were quite expected, since there were clearly more powerful opponents who, as a result, became the winners of those tournaments. Ground courts are specialized, and this season Angelique Kerber will not adapt to them since three fights took place just on this surface. Angelique Kerber often uses defensive tactics, betting on high-quality ball reception and sharpening the game on the second serve.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Hon had just three matches this season, winning one victory. You can bet that Priscilla will win against Kerber for 4.74.
  • Kerber has won two of the last four meetings. German success in this confrontation can be set at 1.19.
  • There were no personal meetings between the tennis players.

Priscilla Hon vs Angelique Kerber Prediction

Kerber is a clear favorite in this match and, most likely, the class will go further in the tournament bracket. Hon is not strong enough and experienced to compete with the ex-first racket of the world. If Angelique could not play at all because of damage, then she starred for a long time, but she does not. Therefore, we assume that Kerber should win this meeting.