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By Mandeep Sanghera
BBC Sport
Premier League clubs can vote to terminate this summer transfer window’s early closure on 12 September.
Two decades before, the very best flight voted to shut it until the start of its season to try and minimise squad disturbance.
However, other leagues could buy or advance players in Premier League sides and did not follow suit.
They had 2 September annually to conduct transfers, in comparison to 8 August for the Premier League.
According to The Times, the problem will be raised at the meeting of Premier League chairmen and chief executives.
On being aligned with the rest of Europe A vote might take place at the meeting or may be postponed until the time that they get together in November.
The Premier League is thought to be impartial on the problem and is happy to facilitate any discussion or vote that the clubs might choose to own on it.
Last time around, whereas today a very simple majority of 11 would be required 14 nightclubs were needed to be in favor of amending the transfer window.
Of those clubs in the top flight, Manchester United, Manchester City, Watford and Crystal Palace voted from an early closed in September 2017.
It’s known Liverpool need a return to the older system, while Everton have been believed to have familiarity with those clubs who want to align with the deadline and would be ready to hold talks.
Tottenham director Mauricio Pochettino was a fierce critic of closing the window .
Part of his issue has become the doubt surrounding the future of Spurs playmaker Christian Eriksen.
Eriksen, whose contract runs out in conclusion of this year, was linked to Real Madrid but has ended up remaining.
“I feel that the Premier League cannot provide this advantage to the European clubs,” said the Argentine.
“That is another point to discuss, to assert that we’re at a disadvantage to European nightclubs since they have 20 days more to operate.
“I feel that was a major mistake for the Premier League to allow that – we open the doorway to unique clubs from Europe to attempt to make confusion within your squad.
“I think after two seasons operating this way, the Premier League realises that when Europe doesn’t change, we have to return and begin to function in exactly the identical manner they function today.”
He added:”It can create a mess at nightclubs such as us, clubs in England.”
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has included his voice in support of bringing the closure of this summer transfer window in accordance with the rest of Europe.
“I don’t care when it closes, but it must close at the exact same moment,” he recently said. “That was the thought in the first place.
“They talked about finishing it before the season begins. Very good concept, but only England did it. That makes no sense. It was a good thought but it didn’t work out.”