Poker Sites Spain

In recent years, online gaming in Spain has had very significant changes. In fact, there are more than 50 operators legally established in the country. And in that change and consolidation it is because the players have strict protection and security measures.

This is possible because there is a state agency that oversees online betting houses and casinos. So games like poker, one of the players’ favorites, can be played with confidence and by the tempting offers and bonuses of the various operators.

If you are looking for a fun, reliable online poker room with all the guarantees of functionality and security, you are in the right place. We have reviewed for you the best online poker rooms in Spain, taking into account legal licenses, page functionality, bonuses and promotions, and access to tournaments, among many other factors.

In our opinion, the poker sites, introduced below, are the best, that will suit everyone.

Bovada Casino
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Best choice for players from USA. 24/7 support (chat, phone, email). Slots, Blackjack, Table Games, Poker, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat. Min deposit - $20. Payout speed - 1-7 days.

888 Casino
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More than 200 slot games, blackjack, roulette, live dealer, video poker, baccarat. $100 welcome bonus. App for Android, iOS, Windows. Payout speed - 1-5 days. Jackpot - $2M. Min deposit - $10. Has Trustly safe system.

BetOnline Сasino
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295+ Top Casino Games, Up to $3,000 Casino Bonus. Supports Windows & Mac in Browser; Android, Apple iOS, & BlackBerry Friendly. Online, Download, Live, & Mobile Casino. Two Live Dealer Casinos. Diverse Banking Options. Amazing Customer Support. Safe & Secure Gaming.

Intertops Casino
125% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
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Over 120 casino games. Live customer support via chat and hotline. 100% bonus up to 100 EUR for new customers. Payments by direct debit (Cash Direct) possible. Convenient Mobile Casino App for advanced players.

Regulation of online poker in Spain

The Law of the Game, although it had a much more pompous name but ended up calling itself that, was approved in 2011. And although it is true that it was quite positive for the betting houses and online casinos that obtained the license, for online poker it was not. It was so much for various reasons.

Let’s go by parts. It must be said that the law required all bookmakers and all online casinos to use the local .es domain.

This was not a problem for all those casinos that wanted to operate in Spain. However, the problem came when this law also implied that players were unable to access international gaming rooms.

Added to this was the high tax burden that professional players had to face once this law was passed.

These two things caused that more or less illegal practices began to be used to break the law and access international casinos and that the best national players began to leave the country to live in countries more friendly to their interests.

The destinations chosen were Portugal and the United Kingdom, which have much better conditions than those that Spain can offer.


And what is going to be done? Well, as usually happens in these cases. the solution lies in the sector itself. It is they who should be listened to when legislating to take into account the best for everyone. And they have said that the best is what is called ‘ shared liquidity ‘.

This implies the community establishment by a series of southern European countries (France, Italy, Portugal and obviously Spain) of a series of mechanisms that allow the liquidity of online gaming operators and players, in order to boost the market.

And what do the countries respond to? Well, France and Portugal seem to be going in that direction, but Spain is having a hard time deciding.

And with the passage of time, things get worse, since just taking a look at the prize money bags offered by the different casinos we already realize that the poker sector in Spain is not going through its best moment.

Poker on the internet

Although Poker is a game where the player’s strategy is essential, whether or not he has good cards, and where, therefore, he also plays with facial expressions to deceive rivals, the arrival of games and tournaments Online has revolutionized the game. Not only for its popularization, which is obvious, but in the way of playing.

Naturally, in online games the players do not see their rivals, and they do not see them and, therefore, the cheated or the bluff does not have to go hand in hand with the expressions, but rather the mathematical calculations.

Online Poker has taught that the odds of the plays are essential to know how to play and, therefore, a player who calculates them well starts with a great advantage over the rest. And naturally, in discovered poker variants like Texas Hold’em, this is even more valuable.

It can be said without a doubt that online poker has changed facial expressions due to the need to develop a mathematically profitable game to make profits. In short, actors have been changed to mathematicians

How to choose the best casino to play poker online

When making such a decision, it is necessary to have reliable and proven information like the one you can find at our site.

The choice of a casino must be based on criteria that it is important to know in advance :

  • Attractive bonuses and real promotions.
  • Applications so you can play wherever you want.
  • That offers different modalities of this game.
  • Current site licenses and permits.
  • Reliable and secure payment methods.
  • Security measures that guarantee the encryption and privacy of data.
  • Good customer service.

Once you have confirmed that a platform is conceived and sustained under those criteria and legal aspects, you can make your best choice. You should also hold in mind that each operator has its own characteristics precisely because of the high levels of competition between them.

And it is the rise of online poker that has prompted the gaming industry to constantly work on improving and perfecting security mechanisms, coupled with very attractive offers and welcome bonuses .

From the physical casino to the digital world

In principle there seems to be a big difference in the course of everything that has happened so far in the world of poker. It is one thing to play it as in the days when the legendary Doyle Brunson was established , and quite another when played online, but in essence the game remains the same and with the same rules as in physical casinos.

Before, professionals and amateurs challenged each other in national and international tournaments that were held in various countries. Now, online casinos offer the extraordinary possibility of participating in several tournaments without leaving home , but for the moment only in those that take place within the country. In fact, they are offered every day and for 24 hours.

And that implies a large number of rooms almost all over the world, especially to take advantage of the availability of tournaments, prizes, forms of payment and applications that must be had on any type of device.

It is only enough to be very knowledgeable about the portals that are reliable to launch into the adventure of online poker and perhaps with the hope of being part of one of the chapters of its history with all merits.

Just as if you were at a physical table, poker is a game in which strategy requires very solid knowledge of its rules in order to achieve the possibility of real profits with undeniable merits.

But you should not forget that there are internet casinos that are not to be trusted and that is why you should look for the lists of the most supported by the true connoisseurs of the fascinating world of this game in the digital field.

Passion for online poker

In Spain it is a passion that is increasing at a dizzying pace and there are many who aspire to win a game with an unexpected and surprising flush , once they have gained experience and mastery of the strategy to be expert players.

Every day there are more Spaniards who decide to invest money with a lot of pulse and calculation in online poker for all the advantages offered by authorized operators and because they can participate at a table from anywhere and with any mobile device.

And it is proven that these players look for the best sites and that is why we must insist that if you are one of them, be sure to consider the recommendations outlined here with the support of the referred page.

Remember that the fully trusted experts carry out tests on the different operators to verify if what they offer in all aspects is totally true.

That is the only guarantee you can have and based on very well-founded opinions. Choosing an Internet casino should be an act of great conscience and responsibility so that your money has the highest return and does not fall into a bottomless pit.

You can also read expert player considerations on different sites , as they are a good basis for making your passion for poker a safe, rewarding and rewarding experience.


In view of everything we have analyzed, we can say that Poker itself is in good health. In other words, there are good online casinos, as many as we have here , there are good tournaments and poker is still one of the Spanish’s favorite games.

Another thing is the Law of the Game, which does not favor professional players at all. This implies that Spain is a fairly friendly country with amateur players, who play poker just for fun and as a form of leisure, but which wreaks havoc with professional players.

It expels them directly from the country to other nations that treat them better. Obviously, this wasted talent may take its toll over time. And it does not seem that the Government is going to do anything in the short and medium term.