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Game of chance for some, real trade for others, the game of Poker appeared on the Internet in 1998. Why play online? Playing online poker is the possibility of facing players from all over the world at any time of the day or night, participating in freeroll tournaments, free poker games but which allow you to win money. real money, maximize your winnings by playing on multiple tables at the same time. Online poker sites like Pokerstars offer low-entry satellite tournaments where the winner wins a place at major events such as the World Series of Poker or the European Poker Tour.

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Are online poker rooms legal?

In Europe and France, online poker is unquestionably legal.

However, poker sites may not be operated in France, since there is a gaming monopoly in France.

In accordance with French law in force, other French companies are in no case authorized to offer online games of chance.

A possible opening in the sports games of chance sector has been discussed in politics for more than 10 years, but no results are yet in sight. Currently, there is no European legislation on games of chance in France and the following status quo therefore applies until further notice: French companies are not allowed to offer online betting and poker on the web, but French players can play casinos in the EU on the basis of European law.

So far, no player has ever been legally prosecuted for engaging in online poker games.

Why are there no French poker sites?

The legal situation now makes it impossible for French poker providers to provide online poker. However, the French legal situation regarding online poker is difficult to understand.

As a result, online poker may not be provided by any company.

However, the European Court of Justice has repeatedly ruled that this gaming monopoly contradicts at least three important European legislations and is not compatible with Community law.

Online games of chance and poker are not prosecuted in France and players enjoy legal certainty thanks to European legislation. According to European legislation, suppliers from European Union countries can offer their services to European citizens.

Even if there are no French poker sites – that is to say, poker sites based in France – the players are not in a legal vacuum. The poker providers we recommend are located in the European authority and the most common locations are Malta and Gibraltar. Companies are analyzed there by federal institutions.

Poker website deposits and withdrawals

Most poker providers offer an assortment of payout choices. By default, credit cards (VISA, Mastercard), online sites like Neteller or Skrill or contemporary options like Trustly or Zimpler are approved by the majority of poker sites.

Deposits cost no penalty and are usually credited within minutes.

Payments, on the other hand, almost always take a few days and some poker providers charge fees for payments.

Do I have to pay taxes on poker sites?

In principle, poker bonuses, like lottery winnings, do not need to be taxed under the Income Tax Act. The latest catalog of revenues from this law does not provide for the taxation of gaming revenues.

But many tax authorities now believe that players who regularly win earnings are income from commercial activities. These taxes can also be levied without registering a company. According to another point of view, taxation on this basis is impossible since the actors do not intend to create a profit.

The Success of Online Poker

Today, poker no longer knows too many boundaries, powered by the Internet and adored by the stars of showbiz. As the number of amateurs and professionals continues to increase, private parties, gaming circles and poker rooms are growing to meet demand. The tarnished image of poker with dirty money or mobsters of all kinds has faded in favor of a healthy, sporty and competitive face.

Legends are born under the admiring eyes of novices cradled in dreams and illusions. One thing is certain in any case: everyone has a chance, but only good players leave the table with more money than they have brought. And this will be your case if you follow our advice.

Tips for playing online poker

You have already mastered the basics of Texas Hold’em and you want to fully master all aspects of the game. Here are some tips for playing online poker better.

Know each poker combination

Your goal in poker? Get the best possible combination of five cards, by combining your two private cards and the five community cards. Before starting a game, both live and online, it is essential to know the value of the different combinations in poker. Straight flush, full, square… Selecting carefully the hand with which we will enter a stroke is essential.

The selection of starting hands in No Limit Texas Hold’em is a basic concept that must be fully mastered before tackling more complex aspects of the game. Because not all hands are created equal and some are much better than others.

Statistics: your asset to make the right decisions

If the notions of psychology, bluffing and strategy come up with insistence when we approach the basics of poker, many other variables must be taken into account. This is particularly the case of poker statistics, which, if they scare at first, turn out to be real allies during your games.

Don’t play too many hands

This is the number 1 error in Texas Hold’em No Limit and it can be very costly for you. When you hit a hit, you must have a good hand. It is generally accepted that at a full table (9 or 10 players), a tight player will play 10 to 20% of the hands, a wide player 20 to 30%. Playing more hands exposes you to many disappointments: you will often have a weak kicker with your flopped pair, you will be able to form losing colors because they are too low, or even constitute a lower fifth than that of your opponent. You must carefully select your hands before committing chips, or else you will be quickly ruined.

Stop following instead of betting

Another classic and expensive mistake. In poker, following is often the worst solution. It is better to raise or fold your hand than to simply call, for several reasons. Following gives you no immediate chance of winning the hand. On the contrary to raise which can bring your opponent to give up. Calling is also a very passive action and you are not really dangerous by simply paying the bet of an opponent. Finally following too much shows a lack of aggressiveness and initiative. In poker, it is important to have the initiative and to bet first. Many pots are won before slaughter. You cannot wait until the 5 cards on the table are revealed to see if you have the best hand: you must win the pot first.

Take into account your position at the table

Why does position influence your hand selection so much? Simply because at the start of the word, you have no information on the hands of your opponents, you are in the fog and do not know if by raising, you will meet a strong hand behind you. You do not yet know the actions of other players, therefore it is more risky to enter the game. In the middle of the floor, you start to get information, since some players have played before you. The chances of a big hand coming after you are less. At the end of the word, there are only a few players left to speak after you, in this case the blinds and possibly one or two other players. The field of players is therefore more restricted. Position is crucial in poker, sometimes it even compensates for bad cards and can help you win. At each deal, you must consider your position (start, middle or end of the floor) and play your hand accordingly.

Manage your Bankroll well

If you want to devote yourself to poker seriously, you must be careful not to play beyond your means and you must be ready to lower your bet level if your bankroll requires it. All professional players have tried shots, taken risks, but it is essential not to try the devil with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Cash games or tournaments?

Depending on your way of playing, your desires, the time you have, the most suitable parts are not necessarily the same. Tournaments, Sit & Go, satellites, cash games, heads up are all different forms of play. It’s up to you to set your goals and adopt the appropriate strategy to achieve them.


The tournament is in a way the most democratic approach to poker. Regardless of the size of the tournament, all players start the game under the same conditions, same number of chips on tables with the same number of players. The game continues until there is only one victorious player left.

If you lose during the tournament, your ranking is determined by the number of players remaining. If you were only 10 and you have just lost your last chips, then you are 10th.

The money paid by the players to register for the tournament is then distributed among the different winners. The list of “paid” places is displayed before the tournament, and will therefore give you the goal to be “in the money”.

Knowing that the winnings are not distributed uniformly, the winner therefore generally obtains a large share of the winnings. It is more than interesting to win a tournament.

Types of tournaments

There are several types of poker tournaments. From sit & go to the World Poker Tour, some tournaments have an international reputation while others are played with a very limited number of players.

Blinds in tournament

Unlike the cash game and to speed up the pace of a tournament, the blinds increase regularly (the amount of increases and the time between two increases is specified when registering for a tournament). If you cannot win a certain number of hands, the price of the blinds may at some point seem very expensive compared to your stack of chips.

Aim for a place in the money

“In the money” means that you have at least your initial bet. It is therefore a question of trying to finish the tournament by obtaining a place in the classification which allows you to leave with your investment, and if possible important gains. Since we are not alone in aiming for this objective, tournaments tend to be played tighter as the places get closer to the fate barrier. It’s up to you to exploit or protect yourself from this game phase.

Cash games

The cash game allows you to settle in and leave a table whenever you want. These are the blinds that define the price you will have to pay to enter the table. The blinds are then the responsibility of the two players to the left of the dealer, but nothing surprising here if you have read the course of a game of Poker.

Identify the price of the blinds and what you are willing to bet. It is not uncommon to see pots increase by more than 100x the price of the big blind. Finally, also remember that you are free to go whenever you want.



To play poker online, you must first choose a reliable French online casino to register with. After filling in some important information and checking your player account, you simply;

  1. Deposit funds into your account
  2. Search the site for poker games
  3. Select the variant you want to play and bet on it.


To win at online poker, you must first understand that when you play online, you are playing against a machine with a random number generator. This means that it is impossible to beat the game in the same way as people. However, it is still possible to win the game by employing certain tactics. Check out our poker strategies page to learn more.


Yes. Poker games at online casinos are paid. You need to find a reliable gaming site that accepts French players, sign up for it, and deposit real money to start your game. money online.


To play free poker online you simply need to find an online casino site offering free poker games. Normally, these free titles are just demos of the real game. This means that you cannot earn real money by playing them.


It depends on various factors like the amount of your bet, the rate of return of the casino, the luck, the hand formed and the size of the jackpot on the game. Your winnings can vary between a few cents during a game up to hundreds of thousands euros.


The answer to this question is subjective because different players have different tastes and requirements. However, there are games that are popular among most online gamers, such as; Texas Hold’em Poker, Caribbean Hold’em Poker (progressive jackpot), Tri-Card poker and others.


To win a tournament, you have to beat all the other participants in the game. You have to practice your game and practice by playing poker regularly – either with friends, in free online games or in internet poker games – in order to master the game. Winning is not guaranteed, but if you play strategically and have luck on your side, you can win a tournament.