Poker Freerolls

Poker Freerolls are popular with all players. The principle is that you can play a tournament without a buy-in and win real money. In detail there are many different variations: Sometimes there is free real money or tickets to larger tournaments to win. Online poker sites often offer different freeroll tournaments for new and regular customers. Some events are accessible with a so-called freeroll password. Here at we offer you access to online poker tournaments with Freeroll password. Our experts have compiled all the details as well as tips and tricks on poker freerolls for you.

These online poker rooms offer freerolls

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Freerolls can be found at almost all online poker rooms. They range from special freeroll tournaments for new players, to events with tickets to higher tournaments as prizes, to regular freeroll tournaments for regular customers and special events for VIPs. Some tournaments have unlimited entry and the event can last for many hours, while other freerolls require you to qualify first. Some tournaments require a Freeroll password. Here is an overview of freeroll tournaments at a selection of popular poker providers.

The advantages of Poker Freerolls

Freeroll poker tournaments are so popular and sought after for a reason. If you play online poker for real money, freerolls allow you to increase your player account. The following are the advantages of Freeroll Poker tournaments:

  • Freerolls are free

In Poker Freerolls you do not risk a buy-in. In the worst case you’ve just lost time, in the best case you’ve won real money or tickets to another event. That’s why beginners use the events to get closer to the real money game with Poker Freerolls without making a deposit.

  • Build your Online Poker Bankroll

Freerolls give you the chance to win real money at no risk and thus lay a foundation for your poker bankroll. Even if your initial deposit is small, your account will look different after winning a few Freeroll tournaments.

  • Benefit from the learning effect

Freeroll tournaments attract newcomers, but can still teach you something, especially if you persevere. In the later stages, the dynamics change and you can learn a lot about setting patterns and how to play. With the right strategy, you can be successful in freeroll tournaments.

This is how a Freeroll Poker tournament works

The free participation in freeroll tournaments can ensure a high number of participants. Of course, only a limited number of players will be paid out in each tournament, and depending on the rush, it can be a long way to go. Freeroll tournaments are played in phases: In the beginning the bloody beginners are eliminated, then the dynamics change in the middle. The “bubble” is the percentage of players who get ahead but don’t receive a payout. If you are “in the money”, you see money, but only at the final table at the end it becomes lucrative.

Early stage

In the beginning, freerolls can be chaotic, which is no wonder with thousands and more players at the start. Since there is no entry fee and the blinds are very small compared to the stack at the beginning, many participants play very broadly and often go all-in to gain a chip advantage. But don’t panic: Just keep a cool head and play tight. Only really strong hands pay off at this stage. If you try to play as many hands as possible, you will lose chips here. You don’t have to personally eliminate every opponent, the chaff separates from the wheat soon enough.

Tournament Center

After the initial phase, the middle of the tournament begins. Here you should change gear in order not to be eliminated with the broad masses. Again, you should not play too “loose”, but a more aggressive style of play is definitely required. Keep your chips together and get more without being rash. Play strong hand cards like top pair and be conservative when the flop cards don’t make a good hand. Avoid bluffs and only allow yourself a few semi-bluffs.


Before the limit of a payout, a bubble forms on players who will not see any money. Being eliminated at this stage is frustrating because you have already invested quite a bit of time. For many, gambling starts now and the game decisions are often not made rationally. Now is the time to put pressure on others and even bluff, especially against players whose stacks have shrunk. Collect the blinds from overly cautious players who don’t dare to make a hand, but watch out if you encounter resistance: Usually your opponent will be holding strong cards.

In the money

If you have gotten this far, then you are “in the money” and will receive a real money payout. Your goal now is to make it to the final table. By now, the blinds have grown accordingly, and unless you’ve just worked out a monstrous stack, you can hardly afford to sit out hands and wait for good cards to come your way. Strategically, you need to be able to bluff now. Thoughtful aggressiveness pays off here as well. Beware of players with large and small stacks that can call their bets or gamble wildly. Against the small stacks, the tactic of an extended range helps: Dare to call an all-in with top pair or ace high.

Final Table

Whether you make it to the final table or not, keep the initiative. It’s better to bet actively and get knocked out than to have the blinds eat up your chips and keep you idle. In order to eliminate your last opponents, you should try to understand each other’s playing style and put aside your behaviour in the previous phases. If in doubt, return to the standard way of playing. In the final phase of the tournament and at the final table, there will be fewer players at the table and you will have to compete in short-handed play. Keep in mind that the blinds are now high and you will have to pay them more often. Don’t keep your range too tight, because the other players will try to play as many hands as possible.

Online Poker Freeroll Tournaments: strategies, tips and tricks

Finally, our poker experts have worked out some important tips and tricks for online poker freerolls, which you can use to set up your own freeroll strategy.

Note the phases of a tournament

As we have described above, every freeroll tournament is phased. Be sure to adjust your playing style for each phase and watch your opponents closely. Don’t get carried away with irrational gambling and ill-considered actions.

Play tight

Especially in the beginning, many players go all-in hoping to quickly double their chips. Your poker face is in demand: while the blinds are still low, you’d rather wait for good cards. Your chance to get chips will come.


The early stages of the tournament are completely different from the end, so don’t be caught off guard if the dynamics suddenly change. From the middle of the tournament onwards, tactics are definitely required.


In freeroll tournaments, bluffs are a tricky thing to call, as many players call reflexively. In the early stages, you can see how quickly and recklessly punters push their chips into the middle. Only when the game changes can you dare to make semi-bluffs.


In the early stages, the reaction to a raise is often an all-in. With a good pair you can always bet, but with many hands you should wait for the flop. Push three of a kind or fold if the flop doesn’t come up.


If you hold a good pair, you should play opposite and not just call. If you have two jacks or better, you should bet aggressively. Players with hands that aren’t worse will call and sometimes win because they never have 100% equity. Still, you can build a good stack early on.


Think of a range of hand cards for each tournament phase that you want to play or raise with. This may mean that you play less tight than usual, but the trick is that your range only needs to be a little tighter than most other players’ ranges.


Use the low blinds to your advantage in the beginning and remember that in the end you will have to deal with high blinds with a presumably low stack. You can practice this in cash games or with play money. In the early stages, keep an eye out for players who have signed up but not entered the tournament: It’s easy to steal blinds from that position, but don’t get into fights with other players.

Choose the Freeroll Tournament that suits you

Freerolls are free, but still cost you time. It might be better invested if you play cash games or Sit’n’Go instead. The art of lucrative freerolls is to choose the tournament that suits you best: the smaller the number of participants, the better. Ideal are often events with a maximum of 1,000 players and a prize pool of €50 or €100, which goes to the top 15 to 20 players – or a similar payout structure.

Play many freerolls

As you’ve seen, freerolls run differently than cash games or even normal tournaments. If you want to master Freerolls, you will have to participate in many tournaments. At the same time, you should not apply your accumulated Freeroll knowledge to traditional play, as you will be faced with different opponents and playing styles. If you register with more than one poker room, you can benefit from playing in multiple freerolls for new players or use PartyPoker Freeroll passwords.

Other important tips and strategies

Poker rules:

Even though online poker freerolls are free, you should familiarize yourself with the poker rules beforehand so that you don’t just waste your time and have a chance to win a money finish. Learn all about Texas Hold’em Poker in our Game Rules Guide.

Freeroll Guide:

If you need more information on how to play in freeroll tournaments, you’ll find it here. Our author goes into more detail about the tournament process and the individual tournament phases.

Tournament Positions:

Positional play at the poker table is one of the most important aspects that separates average players from good players. Learn how to use your position at the table to adjust your game and become more successful at poker.


As discussed in this guide, bluffing is also important to master in online poker freerolls. In this guide, we’ll describe how and when to best bluff in order to gain an advantage at the poker table.