Poker app for iPhone (IOS)

Play a little poker on the iPhone while you’re on the road and maybe even earn some money? That’s no problem at all, because after all there are a lot of poker apps that can be used. To give you an idea of which apps are among the best offers, we have put together an overview. We have tested the apps listed here ourselves and found them to be good. So you have the best summary of the best poker apps from the wide range of offers.

The iPhone as a poker table

Interesting when looking for poker apps for the iPhone is of course the question to what extent the phone is suitable for the game at all. Here we can reassure you, because a lot has changed in the last few years and the playing surface on the phone is now in no way inferior to the PC. You can now even play several tables on the phone at the same time, although this is more recommended for advanced players who don’t have any difficulty keeping track of the different tables.

Betway Casino
100% Match Bonus up to £250
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Over 600 games, live dealer available Convenient Apps for IOS and Android. Attractive welcome bonus for all new players, paid out over the first four deposits you make and is matched as a percentage depending on the stage.

Intertops Casino
125% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
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Over 120 casino games. Live customer support via chat and hotline. 100% bonus up to 100 EUR for new customers. Payments by direct debit (Cash Direct) possible. Convenient Mobile Casino App for advanced players.

BetOnline Сasino
100% Bonus on your first THREE deposits
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295+ Top Casino Games, Up to $3,000 Casino Bonus. Supports Windows & Mac in Browser; Android, Apple iOS, & BlackBerry Friendly. Online, Download, Live, & Mobile Casino. Two Live Dealer Casinos. Diverse Banking Options. Amazing Customer Support. Safe & Secure Gaming.

888 Casino
$100 Welcome Bonus
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More than 200 slot games, blackjack, roulette, live dealer, video poker, baccarat. $100 welcome bonus. App for Android, iOS, Windows. Payout speed - 1-5 days. Jackpot - $2M. Min deposit - $10. Has Trustly safe system.

Our choice is the 888Poker App


  • Oldest poker site on the market
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange
  • Large selection of games
  • Very popular for their Hold’em games
  • Multi-table
  • Wide choice of payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Wire
  • Transfers and Bitcoin
  • Quick withdrawals and deposits – same day withdrawals

Regardless of what device you use or what operating system your smartphone is running, recent tests have shown that 888 Poker is at the top of the list when it comes to the best real money poker applications. So 888 is eCOGRA certified. eCOGRA is the regulatory body for real money poker applications, so you can be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate, law-abiding and highly secure gaming application.

You can play at various poker rooms on your mobile device. You have access to a variety of games and tournaments while on the app, and even get access to live poker events. And in addition to real money, you can also receive promotional gifts, hotel stays, event tickets and other amazing prizes if you win any of the 888 tournaments.

You can withdraw winnings as easily as you deposit money, the only difference being that withdrawals must be authorized and documented. This ensures that your money only falls into your hands, not into the hands of any cheaters. As for the bonuses you have earned, you can withdraw them when you have met the required wagering requirements.

If you need help, they have a 24/7 customer support system. You can reach them by phone, email and even live chat. Don’t worry if you don’t speak English, the customer support team offers assistance in 11 different languages

Not all poker apps are the same

An app that allows players to play poker is basically divided into three different types, which we would like to introduce in more detail below.

  • Apps from well-known poker providers: There are poker sites that enjoy great popularity on the Internet and that make their poker offers available to their own players on the move. In this case it is a real money poker app from poker providers. One example is the provider 888Poker, which has both a website and an app.
  • Apps from independent developers: As a second variant, there are numerous poker apps that do not come from well-known poker providers. Instead, they are apps developed by mostly independent developers. Often these are not real money poker apps, as they are primarily designed for fun and entertainment.
  • Poker apps with a social component: Another form of poker apps are applications that have a social component. Here it is usually possible to play as a player against your “friends” on the Internet. This is possible, for example, through a Facebook connect. The second and third poker app variants often overlap with each other.

Which variant is most suitable for you as a player depends largely on whether you want to play with real money or play money. If you are already a user of a poker site and want to enjoy the poker experience on the go, an official poker app from a well-known provider is a good choice. If, on the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to play for real money, but only play poker for fun, there are plenty of other offers in the corresponding app stores, most of which only have a play money mode.

Criteria of a good online poker app for the mobile phone

When it comes to finding the best poker app, we’ve tried them all. We didn’t just focus on the signup bonus, because almost all apps offer it. What we did pay attention to were the game offers, play bonuses, promotions, ease of transactions and of course confidentiality and security.

Apart from the signup bonuses, real money poker apps can also offer additional bonuses as you make deposits and play games. Here you can find apps that will even match your deposit up to a certain amount.

Here are the qualities we were looking for when we reviewed the top poker apps that allow us to play for real money.

Secure platform

It is necessary to be protected against fraud and theft during the game. We looked for sites with SSL security instead of just regular HTTP to ensure that the platform you choose is secure. We checked that the software runs on your phone, although most of them are suitable for all devices.

Enough players

It is important that you can find enough players in different games at any time to conduct games you want

Server reliability

Some websites have weak servers and these can cause you problems. It is also possible that these sites are cheating by using server problems as a reason for suddenly leaving the game.

Signup Bonuses

Many apps offer great bonuses when you sign up with them. Many websites also have promotions and rewards. Look for the best app where you can get the most out of your money.

Ease of use

Check the site’s navigation bar. Is it easy to use and understand? It can sometimes get frustrating when you have to click so many buttons before you can actually play the game. This is also important when you deposit or withdraw money. It can be frightening when you realize that you made the wrong click and lost all your winnings.

There may also always be special promotions during the game. Here you can win points, special privileges, more cash bonuses, free spins and the like. And of course you have real money poker applications that are not limited to standard variations.

If you read reviews online, you will find that there are other players who have encountered problems depositing and withdrawing funds from their accounts. This is another feature that you should be aware of when playing real money poker apps.

It is important that you can withdraw winnings from your account with the same ease as you can deposit into the system. Look for multiple payment channels that are linked to the app. The more credible the facilities you find, the better.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing for real money via mobile app

Some of the advantages of real money poker online:

  • Online you have a much wider choice of games than in a traditional casino.
  • It’s more convenient to play because your device is located near you.
  • Deposits and withdrawals also work without the need to go to a cash machine.
  • Additional security that you do not have to carry a large amount of cash with you to deposit or withdraw money. You can manage your account deposits and withdrawals directly online.
  • You can play the game anywhere, on the bus, on the train or even in bed.
  • You can play more than one game at a time, so you can win more than you are normally used to.


  • Inability to watch poker tells.
  • Faster and bigger losses are possible. Online you play more hands in less than an hour than live in a whole session.

FAQs about the Poker Apps for the iPhone

However, we are well aware that there are still many questions about the apps that you would like to have answered. That’s why we’ve summarized the most important questions and the corresponding answers here, so that you have everything at a glance. This makes it much easier to find the right app.

1. What is required to use a poker app for the iPhone?

First and foremost, it is of course necessary to have an iPhone. However, there are no specifications here as to which model this must be. Even if you have an older version, the new poker apps will still work on your phone as long as you have downloaded the latest operating system. The software of the poker apps is economical, it doesn’t take up much space on the phone. Therefore it will run on devices with low memory. However, if you still have first generation Apple devices in use, the apps may not work here. Be sure to download a demo version of the app and see if everything works before you invest money in an app.

2. Can I use the Poker Apps on the iPad?

Of course it would be practical if the poker apps could be used not only on the iPhone, but also on the pad. Many users have the handy pad at home and like to take it with them when they are on the road. So if you want to have a larger area for the game, you might consider dragging the app directly to the iPad. With most apps this is also possible without any problems, because the providers now offer versions for iPhone and iPad. In fact, we even find that the large screen of the pad offers better conditions for playing here. So you have a better overview, especially when multitabling, and don’t need to act on the small screen.

3. Is it possible to play for real money in the poker apps?

This question mainly concerns players who like to play for real money and want to do so on the go. We can put our minds at rest here, because playing for real money is of course also possible in the poker apps for iPhone. The poker rooms of online providers are designed to be able to hold tournaments and games for real money here. You can also find the app versions of some very well-known online poker providers. None of these providers will let you miss the opportunity to generate money via the app. Nevertheless, you should of course keep an eye on the risk on your smartphone as well. It is often even more difficult to handle all hands and to think your way through the different games if you play at several tables at the same time.

4. Can I claim bonuses on the iPhone?

Many providers offer bonuses not only on first deposit, but also for regular players who are active over and over again. These bonuses can be seen as the salt in the soup and it would be a real shame if they were not available on the poker apps. That’s what the vendors have thought and that’s why there are a lot of promotions regarding the apps that you can benefit from. Of course, it depends on the individual providers. But of course there are also the possibility of receiving real money payments, as well as possibly free spins or other bonuses. You can find out beforehand by comparing the providers, which poker apps offer the best bonus offers.

5. Are there any restrictions with the poker apps for the iPhone?

Actually, there are hardly any restrictions on the poker apps that are offered for the iPhone these days. You can do just about everything that is possible on the PC in the poker rooms. Although some providers still have the Quick Seat function, which means that you are placed at the table, this is rare nowadays. Sometimes there are apps that only offer tournaments or just cash games. However, you can easily find this out in the description of the app and then decide on an alternative. Or maybe you are looking for just such an offer.