Tennis players completely different in class will converge in the face-to-face confrontation at the tournament in Uruguay. In the 1/16 finals, these tennis players confidently dealt in two sets with their rivals. Let’s see what the athletes show in the game against each other, again, someone will confidently win or will there be a protracted match?

At what time does the Pedro Cachin vs Juan Ignacio Londero play?
The game time is February 06, 2020, 08:00 PM

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Pedro Cachin takes the 354th positions and Juan Ignacio Londero takes the 50th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Pedro Cachin have?
Pedro Cachin has won 60% of games.

How many wins and losses does the Juan Ignacio Londero have?
Juan Ignacio Londero has won 64% of the games as a favorite.

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Pedro Cachin

Pedro Cachin in his 24 years is on the 354 lines of the world ranking. In the last match, Cachin beat Hugo Delen from Bolivia and thereby interrupted his series of defeats, which totaled 11 matches. Now it would be the same series of wins, but miracles do not happen.

Juan Ignacio Londero

Londero Juan Ignacio closes the TOP 50 of the best world tennis players of professionals. Since the athlete played only three matches this year, he has not yet lost and has not risen in the ranking. But last year, the athlete made a significant leap in the ranking, moving from 118th line to the 50th. Do you think this year the Argentine athlete will rise in the ranking?

Statistics and personal meetings

These teams conducted all their full-time confrontations very intensely and in the struggle. Even if two sets were played, one necessarily had a tie-break. Oh yes, you need to notice the fact that always games between athletes take place on the ground. However, as well as this time.

Pedro Cachin vs Juan Ignacio Londero Predictions

Pedro Cachin, who 24 years earlier was completely focused on budget tournaments, regularly went to ITF, won them, but could only go to another level last season. The representative of Argentina is dependent on coverage, the fact is that he demonstrated all his best achievements on the ground. Cachin plays in a sticky manner, he knows how to endure on the court, wait for the moment to deliver an attack hit from forehand, or go to the net and finish the rally.

Now Pedro is in the top 400 and he is still far from the level and class of the game of his compatriot Londero. Juan Ignacio performs at the home tournament, last year he won here, defeated Guido Pelju, a worthy opponent and an experienced primer, in the final. For 26-year-old London, this was the first career title won at the ATP tournament, previously the Argentinean won only in budget competitions. Juan Ignacio confidently passed the first round in Cordoba, where he defeated Marco Cecchinato in two games. The Argentinean steadily served well with both the first and second goals; he did not allow a single breakpoint for the entire match. Londero is determined to win this tournament again.

Last year’s winner of Londero confidently started in the tournament and without much difficulty defeated his first rival Cecchinato. Pedro Cachin far does not match the level of tennis of both players, lags behind in almost every game aspect, does not have such experience and a variety of strokes. In this confrontation, a definite wins for Juan Ignacio Londero.

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