Payforit Casino

Online casinos have experienced a boom in recent years. One of the reasons is certainly in the easy access to search. Many casino fans also appreciate the fact that internet casinos are often licensed within the EU – and therefore consumer and data protection guidelines of the European Union apply. And what about payment? Online payment solutions have developed in the past, which are easy to use and which score points with fast credit. Payforit belongs to this group of ePayment solutions.

What is behind it? How does Payforit work? Especially beginners, who have never opened a user account in a casino before and used wallets for deposits, will find these questions burning under their nails. Payforit belongs to the group of mobile wallets. In other words, payment is made here via mobile phone. The advantage: smartphones are now available everywhere. It remains to be clarified whether Payforit can be combined with the bank account – or whether credit should be topped up first. Our Payforit review focuses on precisely these aspects.

What is payforit and how does it work?

It is a payment service reserved for users in Great Britain. The payment solution is jointly operated by 3, EE (EE Limited formerly “Everything Everywhere”), O2 and Vodafone.

Payforit supports both contract customers (pay monthly) and prepaid offers (pay as you go) in the UK. In both cases, payment is made directly with the mobile phone. The individual payment steps differ depending on whether a mobile phone user is logged on to a wireless network or Wi-Fi when paying.

Procedure for payment in a 3G or 4G network: After placing the device in the shopping cart and selecting Payforit as the payment option, the device and mobile phone number are identified directly. The authorization of the payment is done directly, there is also a summary via SMS about the purchase.

Payment procedure for Wi-Fi network: With this option, the mobile phone user must first identify his device. To do this, the mobile phone number must be entered. An SMS is then sent with a code that must be entered. Only then can the purchase be authorized – and the SMS is sent again as confirmation of the payment process.

By the way, Payforit can be used to charge both the mobile phone bill for term contracts and a prepaid credit balance. The latter, however, carries the risk that not enough money is loaded on the SIM card for the casino deposit with Payforit.

This is how payment works in five simple steps:

  1. Go to the cashier of your chosen online casino. In the deposit options, choose an option to pay by mobile phone or SMS.
  2. The next page gives you the Payforit information about the amount of money you want to deposit and asks you to enter your mobile number and confirm the details.
  3. You will receive an SMS message regarding the payment and must confirm it by replying to Message. Another text will tell you that the payment has been made.
  4. On this page I wish you a lot of fun
  5. At the end of the month, the amount you have paid in will appear on your phone bill.

Requirements for the use of Payforit

Mobile payment has gained in importance in recent years. An increasing number of PoS (point of sale, such as checkout terminals in supermarkets) are being equipped with appropriate readers. Only a few providers from the FinTech sector offer their mobile payment services across borders.

Payforit is unfortunately not one of them. It is a payment solution which is offered by mobile phone providers in Great Britain. The conditions for the use of Payforit are as follows: The payment service is available to mobile phone users in the United Kingdom. People from all other countries who are temporarily in the UK and have a British mobile phone (which can also be a prepaid device) can therefore use Payforit.

Security for payments with Payforit

When it comes to real money payments in the online casino, security plays an important role. How does it look like with Payforit payments? The mobile payment service is a very secure method, because users have to confirm the payment again before prepaid credit or mobile phone bills are charged.

Another security element has been very successfully integrated – the code entry for a payment in Wi-Fi. Anyone who logs into the WLAN at home has to obtain additional authorization. It would actually be desirable to implement this feature in general for Payforit payments – to give users additional security.

Since payments are always billed via the mobile phone bill or prepaid credit, and payees do not receive any information about bank details or credit cards, Payforit is a very reliable option for depositing money in the casino while on the move (or at home).

How much does it cost to use Payforit?

Deposits are usually free in online casinos. This does not mean, of course, that casino fans simply blindly transfer money to the user account. It is always advisable to deal with the payment guidelines. In simple words: Whether deposits via mobile phone is really free, can usually be checked here.

Since every provider determines the payment guidelines themselves, there may well be differences. In practice, this becomes clear for example with credit card payments. Some casinos charge a percentage fee for this.

What amounts can be deposited with Payforit?

From the point of view of casino fans, it is important to be able to be very flexible with the payment methods. Sometimes the casinos set limits – by setting maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals. Sometimes the payment services themselves are the limiting factor. One example is the Paysafecard: Here, only 100 euros can be deposited with one code.

Payforit wants to make flexible payments possible. But: users should not fall into the debt trap – by setting the limit too high. In plain language, this means that only small amounts can be paid with a mobile phone via Payforit.

Anyone using Payforit can find the relevant information from their mobile phone provider. These are – among others at Vodafone – in the double-digit range (applies to both the monthly limit and the amount of a one-off payment).

Are payouts also possible with Payforit?

Payforit is a mobile payment system operated by mobile phone companies in the UK for users in the UK. At the core of the ePayment service is the payment – for example of digital goods – and transferring money easily and conveniently via the mobile phone bill. Alternatively, Payforit also works on the basis of prepaid credit.

Payments can be made quickly and easily. But: If you are a casino fan and want to take advantage of this option for payouts, you are at a disadvantage. Normally a cash out is not possible. Important: Since online casinos have strict payout rules and the debit to the bank account is generally only possible via the deposit method, should be acted with foresight.

Payforit and the topic of casino bonus

Especially new customers can enjoy special promotional benefits in online casinos. Most welcome packages contain bonus money and/or free spins. The latter are implemented as free spins on slots. Bonus cash can be credited as part of a “No Depost” promotion or in return for deposits.

Whether or not there is a special Payforit Bonus must always be decided for each individual case. No general statement is possible. Each online casino decides for itself, how the bonus promotions look like. A very important aspect is the look at the bonus conditions.

Our practical experience with online casino deposits and withdrawals teaches us that some payment methods may be excluded from qualifying for the bonus. This concerns Skrill and Neteller, among others. If you as a casino fan still use these wallets, you will then (if the clause is overlooked) lose your claim to the bonus money.

FAQs about PayforIt

Do I have to register for this method?
No special registrations are required to make deposits with this system. You only need to have a mobile phone with a UK mobile number to be eligible.

What are the fees?
There are no fees charged to players with this option. All fees are paid by merchants or casinos. Note that for text messaging and roaming for parts of the process, there may be some mobile internet charges.

Can I make withdrawals with this PayforIt?
Unfortunately, this option is usually not available for withdrawing funds. Although it is actually theoretically possible to get a refund on purchases and deposits made in this way, this cannot be applied to casinos. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, you will need to find an alternative method, such as an e-wallet, bank transfer or check.