Pay by SMS Casino

Currently, the popularity of gambling on the Internet is growing inexorably. Each year the number of online casinos is increasing and each of them is trying to be as competitive as possible. To do this, operators offer users a variety of bonuses, adapt to the players, add popular games (slot machines, roulette, video poker, etc.). At the same time, there are many methods of input and output in the casino, because the presence of certain payment systems can play an important, if not decisive role in choosing the institution for the game.

From this article you will learn about one of the methods of depositing online casinos – SMS messages using the phone balance, ie how to start playing online casinos through SMS for money. As a rule, the use of this method of payment resort to online casinos in rubles and in particular, reliable representatives from this category. Among them come to mind first JoyCasino and RedStar Casino. Replenish casino slot machines through SMS payment provides not all virtual casinos.

Online casinos with deposit via SMS

The method of deposit via SMS-messages appeared not so long ago and has not yet become widespread among online casino operators, but some of the institutions have already added it to their arsenal. Probably, deposit via SMS will become more popular, because it is a simple and fast method that does not require registration and use of third-party services.

Bce, what you need to deposit to online casinos via SMS is to have the necessary amount on your balance, link your phone number to your casino account and very little time.
Of course, in some cases it may take up to several days to verify the payment, but this will happen if your number is not tied to the casino account. The fact is that some gambling establishments on the Internet allow you to pay for the deposit from any phone number, but most of them, however, adhere to a more careful strategy and ask you to tie the number first.

SMS casinos – slot machines

Casinos with SMS payment has both positive and negative sides. First let’s talk about the advantages of playing online casinos with replenishment through SMS:

The main advantage of SMS payment in casinos is that almost everyone has a mobile phone. Gambling is loved by people of all ages and, for example, elderly people may have difficulties c using payment services, electronic wallets and credit cards. At the same time, c SMS is simple: sent a message with a code and amount, received a reply message with another code, entered it at the casino and the deposit is credited.
In addition, there are often difficulties with replenishing the account of payment systems. To make a deposit at the casino, you must first replenish the card or electronic wallet. At the same time, there are no difficulties with top-up mobile account. You can do it at any ATM, bank branch, post office, operator’s office, as well as through an online office.
Also, the positive qualities of the way to recharge the casino through SMS payment can be attributed to the convenience of playing casino from mobile devices. Imagine that you are on the road and you need to recharge your account to play slots (slot machines) or roulette. Of course, you can download the application of the payment system you use, enter your login, password, invoice and make a deposit, but it will take much longer than to make a deposit via SMS through a short casino number.
Another advantage of making a deposit via SMS is the lower minimum deposit amount. Often online casinos meet the need to deposit via SMS and lower the threshold for greater convenience. After all, not everyone has $10-$20 on their account all the time, and even if they do, no one will want to make a deposit for the last money.
Of course, we can not say nothing about the disadvantages of using this method.

First of all, we note the impossibility of withdrawing funds back to the phone balance. For example, if you make a deposit of, say, 100 rubles and play in slots 2,000, then withdraw them will have to one of the proposed payment systems. Therefore, you will still have to start an electronic wallet, if you are, of course, set to win.
It should also be noted that most online casinos limit the amount of payments via SMS. For example, a day you can recharge your account from 30 to 3,000 rubles. Moreover, if you exceed the limit and continue to recharge your account, the money will not be credited to the casino balance, but co mobile phone accounts will be written off. Therefore, we recommend that you read the rules of the casino carefully.
Is it worth saying that if you want to replenish your account through SMS, you need to calculate the amount of deposit so that there are still funds on your phone balance? Of course, the operator will not lend you money for casino games, so it will not be possible to deposit more than Bac has.
Another disadvantage is the transfer fee. Ee amount depends on the casino itself and usually is a couple of percent, but some institutions may charge Bac up to 50% of the deposit amount and later add bonuses, so once again we advise you to read the rules carefully.

How to make a SMS deposit at a casino?

SMS is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to top up your online casino account. To make a deposit in this way, you need to log in to the casino account, open a cash desk, choose “SMS” in the methods of account replenishment, choose an operator or enter your phone number, as well as specify the amount of the desired deposit. After that there are two options: either a code will be sent to your number, which should be entered in the field of cash desk, or Bac will be asked to send a message to the specified number. In either case, the money will eventually be credited.

If you have chosen SMS as a way to top up your online casino account, you should know a few points related to it. Firstly, if the money is not immediately credited to your account, you do not need to try to recharge it again. Most likely, the payment is simply processed at the casino itself, or at the moment there are problems with the network. Either way, wait at least a few hours, after which contact the mobile operator or the casino support team. If you keep trying to top up your account, all your attempts may be successful and instead of 100 rubles you will top up your account with 500.

Also note once again that you should pay attention to the limit for deposits via SMS. Remember: you have exceeded the limit, but continued to deposit – you will lose money in vain.