On January 19 2020 Paula Badosa Gibert and Johanna Larsson faced each other in a match from WTA Australia Open in Melbourne. 

Paula Badosa Gibert

This tournament the Spanish player holds quite confidently, having already overcome three rounds. The last one was a victory over his more famous opponent, but despite that, he managed to go further. There was a break in every set, and Paula Badosa Gibert boasts that not a single pitch of her own was lost. Last year’s tournament ended just at this stage, so Gibert definitely wants to improve his result and go even further. Hard is a left-handed cover, and Gibert is also left-handed, with a very uncomfortable leaving pitch, so all the prerequisites for winning are there. In addition, Paula Badosa Gibert moves well on the court and often runs to the net.

Johanna Larsson

The start of the season was completely failed, so now Larsson has little game practice. Only three matches were played, all of them ended in defeats, and only one set was won. It was in the game with opponents who are much lower in the ranking of world tennis. So, at least last year at this tournament we managed to reach the quarterfinals, it will be a surprise if this time we can at least overcome qualifying matches. Johanna Larsson shows a very weak level, because there is no aspect of the game that has no problems. And the pitching started to have problems, and the reception got worse, so the marriage is visible around. The Swedish player can’t feel the back line and the area near the net can’t be blocked just because of bad speed. What happened in the offseason is not clear, so we can hope that the situation will improve with the increase in game practice, so Johanna Larsson will not look so hopeless in all the matches.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • This will be the first face-to-face confrontation of these tennis players.
  • Johanna Larsson had only two days to prepare for this game.

Paula Badosa Gibert vs. Johanna Larsson Game Prediction

It is difficult to predict this duel, given the fact that Paula Badosa Gibert and Johanna Larsson have never met on a tennis court before. The results of the current tournament show that Paula Badosa Gibert and Johanna Larsson are now in great shape, they have played several difficult matches during the tournament, from which they managed to come out victorious. And this shows that they are ready to fight here and get to the next round. We predict that Paula Badosa Gibert is unlikely to delay the match against an opponent for whom the coverage is unusual.

Our prediction – Paula Badosa Gibert to win