Parlay Calculator

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Parlay Calculator of bets in a bookmaker calculates the probability of a series of defeats or victories at a certain distance of prediction.

Surely you have repeatedly found yourself in long winning (upstroke) or losing (loose-straight) series of bets. Parlay Calculator will allow you to calculate your chances for a long drawdown or, conversely, for a long winning streak. To find out the probability of a series of minus (plus) bets, enter the total number of predictions, the length of the series that interests you and the probability of losing (winning).

Playing on bets today is considered commonplace for most sports fans. Some can be considered professionals, others are novices, but there is an adjacent category, which includes players who are able to stay in the breakeven point for a long time, that is, regularly remain with minimal gain. Such predictions do not lose interest in matches and at the same time heat up the excitement with bets.

However, it is important to understand that in the end the player should always be in the black, otherwise there is no point in betting, and for this, you should choose the appropriate prediction strategy and learn how to analyze the winning and losing series. Today, a special online program, a calculator for calculating the probability of losing a series of bets – Parlay Calculator, will help beginner predictions. It allows you to calculate the chances of a certain series of defeats in a given period in a matter of seconds.

The results of this calculator should shed light on whether the chosen strategy of sports prediction is profitable or is it better to change it? In any case, the player must be able to understand the basic tactics of long-distance bets, be aware of the frequent mistakes made by beginners and the secrets of successful players. Together with the calculations of the calculator, this will help to always win.