In the second round of the APR tournament in Cordoba, Pablo Cuevas will face Gianluca Mager. The meeting will take place on February 5. Will a Uruguayan veteran win this fight? – read in our prediction.

At what time does the Pablo Cuevas vs Gianluca Mage play?
The game time is February 05, 2020, 04:15 PM

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Pablo Cuevas takes the 48th positions and Gianluca Mage takes the 133rd position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Pablo Cuevas have?
Pablo Cuevas has won 64% of games.

How many wins and losses does the Gianluca Mage have?
Gianluca Mage has won 64% of the games as a favorite.

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Pablo Cuevas

At the moment, Pablo Cuevas is the most experienced player in this tennis tournament, because he is at the age of 32, and has been participating in this Masters for the eighth consecutive year. There were no particular successes, except that once it turned out to reach the semifinals, but there is no doubt that Pablo Cuevas will definitely fall into the top eight.

So far, only one match has been played, where it was possible to beat a more eminent opponent, who was not in the best shape, so he lost many real opportunities, and Pablo Cuevas demonstrates that you can realize your every breakpoint. Pablo Cuevas hits well both forehand and backhand, and is not afraid of grass courts, because a huge number of matches have been played on this surface, including this season. The weak point is only the backline, because Pablo Cuevas often loses it, allowing opponents to use it.

In Cordoba, Cuevas came to defend his last year’s result. Then he won a number of fights and reached the semifinals, where he lost in the fight to Guido Pellier. Despite the fact that this season the representative of Uruguay did not start in the best way, in the first round he already managed to beat Federico del Bonis (7-5, 6-2).

It is worth noting that Cuevas was born in Argentina, in the city of Concordia, which is located on the border with Uruguay. True, Pablo never imagined his historical homeland. Now he lives in the Uruguayan city of Salto, which is located across the river from Concordia.

Gianluca Mager

At this tournament, Gianluca Mager performs regularly, and, more than once, there has never been one that did not work out at least to the quarter-finals. For six years, he managed to win twice, so that Gianluca Mager is again among the main favorites and will try to meet the expectations of fans. The latter is especially important, since the tournament is at home, and Gianluca Mager feels a huge responsibility. Six games were played at the beginning of the season, of which four were won.

Two defeats were quite expected, since there were clearly more powerful opponents who, as a result, became the winners of those tournaments. Ground courts are specialized, and this season Gianluca Mager will no longer adapt to them since three fights took place just on this surface. Gianluca Mager often uses defensive tactics, relying on high-quality ball reception and sharpening the game on the second serve.

Going into the second round of the APR tournament can already be considered a great success for Mager. The Italian has never risen above the 114th line in the world ranking in his career and now occupies the 133rd place. Despite the modest rating position, Gianluca got into the main competition grid and even managed to beat the 244th racket of the world ranking Juan Pablo Ficovich (6-2, 3-6, 6-2).

Last week, Mager tried his hand at the Challenger in Punta del Este, but in the first round, he lost to the 317th Brazilian Meligeni in the ranking.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • This will be the first personal meeting of the players.
  • In 2019, both players on the ground won 33 matches each.

Pablo Cuevas vs Gianluca Mager Prediction

Mager is significantly inferior in class to Cuevas. The Italian mainly speaks at different challengers, so he can hardly count on success in this meeting. We believe that last year’s semifinalist will not have any problems, and he will surely pass such an opponent.

Our prediction Pablo Cuevas will win.

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