The match of the second round of the tournament in Buenos Aires will begin on February 13 in Buenos Aires, in which Uruguayan tennis player Pablo Cuevas and Spaniard Albert Ramos will compete. This is a match of experienced athletes in which a hard fight is expected.

At what time will Pablo Cuevas vs Albert Ramos play?
The game time is February 13, 2020, at 03:50 PM ART.

What are the player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Pablo Cuevas takes the 48th position and Albert Ramos takes the 42nd position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Pablo Cuevas have?
Pablo Cuevas has won 61% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Albert Ramos have?
Albert Ramos has won 62% of the games as a favorite.

Pablo Cuevas

Pablo Cuevas is already 34 years old. He is getting closer to the end of his career. However, while the first racket of Uruguay is still able to show good results on its favorite type of coating, on the ground. Especially in the territory of South America – the native continent for Pablo. Tennis player from Salto stays afloat and tunes in for good performances in Buenos Aires.

In the ATP tour ranking, Pablo Cuevas is now in the 48th position. Probably, for his age and with an almost total inability to play hard – this is a good result for the Uruguayan. He reached his highest achievement in the ranking in August 2016, when he was the 19th racket of the world.

Pablo holds six titles at the ATP tournaments, making him the most eminent tennis player in Uruguayan history. It is noteworthy that Cuevas got all his trophies on the ground. Moreover, the last four titles the Uruguayan tennis player got in Brazil, at tournaments in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. So, next week he will be even more motivated and attuned. Although in Buenos Aires, Cuevas will fight. After all, he was born in Argentina and only then moved to Uruguay.

A 34-year-old veteran from Salto is a player of one type of coating – soil. On slow courts, Pablo Cuevas has a 61% win rate. While on hard Uruguayan wins only in 40% of matches.

Years take their toll. In 2020, Pablo Cuevas is not so good. He won only 33% of his games in ATP tournaments, against 53% of his career wins.

Albert Ramos

Albert Ramos is 32 years old. He is a little younger than his opponent, but his career is also slowly but surely striving for sunset. In the ranking of the ATP tour, he is now 42nd. And his highest achievement is the 17th position achieved in May 2017. That is indicators that are completely similar to what Cuevas has.

Ramos is not as titled and successful as his rival. Albert won two titles, winning on clay courts in Bastad in 2016 and in Gstaad last season. Ramos lost six times in the final matches of the ATP tournaments: five times on the ground and one on hard.

Albert is not so successful at ATP tournaments in general over his career. On his account only 47% of wins. On the ground, the Spaniard wins in 54% of cases, and on hard only 38%. That is, he is a tennis player of the same specialization as Pablo Cuevas.

In 2020, Ramos won 57% of his meetings. He also reached the quarter-finals of the tournament in Cordoba last week, losing there with a score of 0:6, 6:7, to Diego Schwartzman. In Buenos Aires, Albert Ramos started with a hard-won with a score of 4:6, 6:3, 7:5 over Leonardo Mayer.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • The statistics of face-to-face meetings of these tennis players totals nine matches. At the same time, a huge advantage is on the side of Pablo Cuevas, who leads with a score of 8:1 with Albert Ramos. At the same time, they spent the last four meetings through three sets.
  • Last season, Uruguayan won 33 matches on the ground. Spaniard – 41.
  • The last four matches between these rivals ended in three sets.

Pablo Cuevas vs Albert Ramos Predictions

Despite the catastrophic score in favor of Cuevas, the Spaniard will probably try to resist the opponent. It is unlikely that any of the rivals will be able to win this meeting easily. Tennis players are facing each other, so we believe that they will break the mark of 21.5 games.

As for the winner, we suggest paying attention to the Uruguayan. Ramos gave the party a zero to Schwartzman, which indicates some problems with him. Most likely, Pablo will be able to take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes.

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