In the last round, Carreno Busta created a sensation, as he quite unexpectedly managed to outplay his compatriot Bautista Agut. In the next game Pablo will encounter with Jannick Sinner who stands much lower in the ranking. Will the Italian impose his game on the rival? – We’ve already made a prediction for you.

At what time are Pablo Carreno Busta and Jannik Sinner to play?
The game time is February 14, 2020, at 12:00 AM (GMT).

What are the players’ positions in ATP rankings?
Pablo Carreno Busta takes the 30th position and Jannik Sinner takes the 79th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Pablo Carreno Busta have?
Pablo Carreno Busta has won 52.9% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Jannik Sinner have?
Jannik Sinner has won 52.4% of the games as a favorite.

Pablo Carreno Busta

A week earlier, Pablo failed the start of the tournament in Montpellier, but in Rotterdam he appeared before the stands in a completely different form. Not everything went smoothly for the Spaniard on the way to the quarter-finals, but he put the ball into the game perfectly, confidently acted in shootings on the back line and was good at moving. All this helped in difficult matches to prevail over difficult opponents in the person of Adrian Mannarino and Roberto Bautista Agut, but what will happen next? Pablo may well be aiming at the most serious outcome of the tournament for himself, unless, of course, he slows down.

Carreno Busta is extremely dependent on his mood. After all, there are matches when he goes to the court without any mood and makes mistakes that are unusual for him. It is because of this that the tennis player can not fully realize his potential. When Pablo is in optimal shape, he can give a battle to any opponent. After all, he knows how to endure on the court, run after all the balls and wait for a chance to go on in attacking actions. In the recent years, the tennis player has added in many aspects, especially in the serve, due to which he began gaining more points.

Jannik Sinner

Jannik, who was in the middle of everyone’s attention last season, failed to start the new season, but was rehabilitated in the eyes of his fans with his last victory. The young Italian began the Rotterdam tournament with the fact that the first round passed in transit, and all because Radu Albot had withdrawn before the start of the game, citing damage, but it was more interesting further. Unexpectedly for many, Jannick sent David Goffin overboard the tournament, demonstrating a high-quality game, although the Belgian counterpart did not show proper resistance.

It is not yet clear what to expect from Sinner. Jannik is only 18 years old, and he already boasts a high tennis IQ, since often it is due to dizzying combinations and tactically outplayes rivals. At the moment, the Italian lacks experience and because of this there are problems with stability. In addition, he is not used to competing in the ATP round, where there are no matches in which you can relax.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Previously, the tennis players have not met with each other.
  • Both Carreno Busta’s games in Rotterdam ended in three sets.
  • Both athletes have two losses in the recent 5 games.


The game of a young Italian is ideal for indoors, which could be seen at the end of last season, especially at the youth Final tournament, but the victory over David Goffin was largely won due to the weak game from the opposite side. The Spaniard in his turn in each of his previous fights demonstrated not only a solid game, but also fighting qualities, which often help in the decisive stages. One should note that Pablo Carreno Busta has much more experience playing in such tournaments, and Jannick Sinner is too young and may collapse under the onslaught of a more experienced opponent.

Our prediction is the victory of Pablo Carreno Busta.

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