Online Slots

On the screen of mechanical devices of those times, such images were often found: bells, sevens, diamonds, cherries, stars, horseshoes. They were popular in almost all bars in America, and now they are called classic and cause a feeling of nostalgia among old-timers in gaming halls.

Technologies do not stand still and today’s online slot machines are also vivid graphics, diverse topics, the presence of a fascinating story, a diverse number of paylines, spectacular soundtrack, quick withdrawal of funds.

Should I play online slots?

In any simulator, the game is built on approximately one pattern. First, a person must make a bet, then he should start the drum and wait for the prize combination to fall out. Thus, the goal of the online casino client is completely clear – he wants to win money.

Themed symbols often spin on reels. The greater the number of paylines in the video slot and the higher the bet size in dollars or rubles, the more opportunities a gamer has to hit the jackpot. The cost of individual pictures and their combinations is indicated in the payout table.

After receiving the winnings, the money must be used for further games in the casino, or withdraw to a card or electronic wallet. More information about withdrawal methods can be found in the corresponding section on the official website of the gaming hall or in the round-the-clock support service. Support will also be needed for those who have difficulties with bets or game rules.


Modern slots can be divided into several types, while the classification is formed taking into account the characteristics that distinguish the selected video slots. That is why today in the online casino there are the following types of slots:

  • Slot machines with multiple reels. Previously, there were mainly three reels in slot machines, but today’s slots are mainly 5 reels. Some slot machines are equipped with seven reels, there are also additional reels that play a bonus role. Such slot machines are most often equipped with additional functions, which include repeated re-spins, additional multipliers, and so on. Manufacturers are trying more often today to produce slots with five reels, as this is the average amount that is considered the most optimal and in demand among players.
  • Slot machines with a different number of lines. The lines or stripes highlighted on the reels of the gaming machine are the place where the paid combinations of symbols located on the reels are collected. Of course, the more of them in the slots, the better, since this has a positive effect on the regularity of collecting winning chains. The more lanes, the greater the chances for players, while they can be located not only in the horizontal or vertical plane, but also have a completely different shape. Also, many slots are equipped with a function that allows you to adjust the number of lines, and choose them in the amount that will be most optimal for the player’s budget.
  • Slot machines with a fixed jackpot. In such slots, the sum of the main winnings does not change, and this indicator is not affected by the level of investments, or any other factors. Players receive a winning jackpot if they collect a combination that brings it. Getting such a chain is not too difficult, so these slots are especially popular among players.
  • Progressive jackpot slot machines. In this case, slot machines can bring visitors winnings of the most unrealistic sizes. This is due to the fact that the main winnings here are formed constantly, depending on how much money the club visitors put into the slot. However, in order to become the owner of only large wins, players have to place their bets for a long time, while spinning the drum can be done using the largest possible investments. Only in this case, users have a chance to gain a progressive jackpot. It must be borne in mind that to reduce the number of lines in this case is impractical, like playing with minimal bets, or doing a few dozen spins. Often, players struggle for the main win in a slot with a progressive jackpot for several months, and as a result they achieve significant success.
  • With the presence of bonus features. These are slot machines in which additional rounds are offered, and it is in them that players get the opportunity to gain especially large wins. Prize rounds are always an exciting journey using the most incredible and interesting features, with the help of which casino visitors get the opportunity to experience special emotions and get good winnings. Such slot machines always attract the attention of users, because with their help you can really achieve good results.
  • Slot machines with a large selection of additional features. Such slots can boast of the presence of special characters and unique pictures that will be peculiar to them. Players can also see extra reels, a re-spin feature, high-risk rounds, a wheel of luck, and more. Using the available functions, visitors can easily receive the desired winnings, and most importantly, the gameplay turns into unrealistic events with a lot of positive emotions!
  • Simple slot machines 777. Classic types of slots still retain their top positions, and more often than others appear in the ranking of casinos. There are many reasons for this, because these 777 slot machines are the best for many players. They are easy to learn, have a minimum set of functions, which means that you can play effectively with investments from the first minutes of visiting the casino. However, sooner or later, games of the same type begin to bother, and players want something more.

What buttons are used in online slots

Many players are not even concerned about the question of what a slot is , but about the meaning of these or those buttons. Despite the fact that slot machines exist in various variations , the principle of controlling such mechanisms remains standard. It’s useful to remember a few basic labels that will help you enjoy the process:

  • Spin, Play – the button that launches the game. Sometimes Start is also found, but most often these names are found.
  • Coins or Bet Per Line – by clicking on this button, you can make your bet by determining the amount you want to bet on the current game. The initial number of coins can be easily increased or decreased before starting the gaming machine.
  • Max Bet – when playing in an online casino , you must always remember that there is a maximum bet amount that can be set in the current game. This is convenient for those who prefer to play big, because it is easy to immediately put the maximum amount and start the game.
  • Line Bet – this button is also called Select Lines. The player can independently choose the number of game lines, having determined the most favorable game parameters for himself – from the 1st to the maximum number allowed for this machine.
  • Hold – stop the drum with this button, thereby gaining the ability to control the slots.
  • Paytable – by clicking on this button, the player will be able to familiarize themselves with the payout table, and, if necessary, and study in detail the rules of the game.
  • Double – after receiving a winning combination, the user may not stop there. Clicking on this button allows you to go into an additional round, and if luck smiles that day, you will be able to increase your winnings.

This list of main buttons is far from complete, but it is more than enough to understand what are slots in a casino . Even if the user encounters unfamiliar names, just a few starts of the mechanism will be enough to understand the basic subtleties.

Types of Bet Slots

Depending on the possible permissible size of bets, machines can be divided into several types. It is allowed to place bets in the most common sizes: penny, nickel, quarter, 1 dollar, 5 dollars. Often, minimum bets attract the attention of beginners and low-rollers.

Experienced players who have developed their strategy want more generous prizes, tickle their nerves and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Therefore, there are machines for VIP players who, when playing, are free to place bets in the amount of 25 to 100 bucks.

3D slots are devices of a new generation, their development is carried out using the technology of three-dimensional image and sound. Such machines amaze the user’s imagination with high quality graphics, a vivid picture, the presence of animation. The actions of some developers, such as Netent, are increasingly aimed at creating virtual games with the effect of virtual reality. Thus, the client can completely relax, plunge into the world of excitement with his head and enjoy the gameplay.

Rival introduced another unique product – iSlots, or interactive slots. These are the usual 5-reel slots, with Wild and Scatter, several paylines. And their highlight lies in the original bonus features. You need to not just guess the suit of the card, but win golf or go through a challenging exciting quest.

Remember also that today you can download the online casino program for real money for Android or iOS. You can play on your mobile and receive winnings at any time of the day. Play online popular games and get the opportunity to hit the jackpot! And so that gambling brings only positive emotions, you need to study the ratings of slots, read the latest reviews about slot clubs and casinos. Take risks, because only the most daring and persistent will be rewarded!