On April 8, at 19:00 (UTC), two European teams will encounter in the game of the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 tournament.

This will be the first face-to-face fight for today’s opponents. Of course, the clear favorites to win are OG, which are superior to ViKin.gg in all game indicators without exception. Will ViKin.gg give a fight to OG? – Our prediction is already here for you.


Having crashed Nigma Esports (2-0), OG decided that at this stage it made no sense for them to play at such a percussion pace, so they took the series against B8 the day before yesterday to experiment, swap roles and obvious corrugations. The latter include the game N0tail on Ember Spirit 5th position, offline Tusk and midget Tidehunter from 33rd. On the 2nd card such things turned out to be a defeat for the Ceb team, but in a global sense, everyone, including even the players of the opposing team, understood that if desired, the oji can easily finish each game in 20 minutes.

The guys had a lot of fun and at the same time let their opponents play, who approached the specified match in a terrible psychological state. If they wanted, they could claim to win over anyone, not to mention the Vikings.


In the first round of the ESL One Los Angeles group stage, the team under consideration defeated Gambit Esports (2-0) quite sensationally, however, as practice has shown, it was not about the strength of ViKin.gg, but the weakness of the “gambits” themselves.

Already in the next match the guys lost to HellRaisers (0-2) with a “dry” score, who are a strong middle ground, but no more. Both maps turned out to be quite competitive, but in the 1st game of the “Vikings” the lack of mobility and fast demerge of the heroes let down, and in the 2nd game the kerries of the team under the nickname Shad openly played poorly. Playing 107 minutes on the stuffed Faceless Void, the latter managed to make only 2 francs. Such an inability to manage their available resources today can play a bad joke with ViKin.gg.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • On the 1st and 3rd maps, playing on Gyrocopter, Sumail once bought Divine Rapier. So far, this is a record for the current tournament (in the context of the 1st series).
  • That’s how 14 Viking mid-karts Boom has a positive KDA. The result is really serious, considering that ViKin.gg has lost 3 of its last 4 maps.

OG vs ViKin.gg Prediction

Going deeper into the analysis of the upcoming match makes no sense, because everything here will depend on the desire of OG players to win. The inta says in favor of the two-time winners that they can win the most unusual drafts, which will certainly appear here on at least one card. ViKin.gg has its strengths, but they all fade away against the background of the game shown by N0tail and the company. Based on the abovementioned theses, we recommend you to pay attention to the following prediction: OG’s handicap for maps -1.5

  • Our prediction: OG’s -1.5 handicap

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