CS:GO Tournament. ESL Pro League Season 11 entered the most interesting phase, where only the best remained. We offer a prediction for the battle of OG – Fnatic, which will held on April 7th.


The lowest rating team of the second stage was perceived as a dark horse. After the defeat from mousesports with a score of 2:0, everyone thought that the guys were blown away. In the duel against NaVi, no one gave OG a chance. But the first rating team in the world was defeated on the first map. On courage Europeans confidently led on the second map. To squeeze the opponent did not have enough experience, the Ukrainian team pulled out the second map, and then finished off the opponent in the third. As a result, a severe psychological defeat with a score of 2:1.

And still it is necessary to praise the guys, they play well against teams of any level, a little lack of experience and moral stability. OG are still able to drink the blood of rivals in this tournament. In the latest updated rating, the team climbed 4 positions, ranking 15th place.


You can definitely give the prefix “top” to the Swedish team, because the ranking team is the fifth in the world. Not without problems, but Fnatic made it to the second round. The great thing about this stage is that everyone starts with 0 points. The Swedes took full advantage of this, winning two games with a score of 2:1 at FaZe Clan and Astralis. These successes certainly inspired the guys, now they understand that they are able to overcome anyone with their best game.

The most difficult match for them turned out to be against the Danes, where on the final map they squeezed their rival over the attack side – 16:14.

Betting Statistics

  • Fnatic have won three games in a row.
  • Teams have not met each other before.
  • OG lost in four out of five matches.

OG vs Fnatic Prediction Prediction

Teams have not played among themselves before, so they will need to study the opponent during the meeting. In this pair, at first there was no obvious favorite, but now we prefer Fnatic. The Swedes are now on the courage, and the opponent after two unpleasant defeats.

Psychologically, of course, Fnatic has the advantage, but the OG guys have nothing to lose. We will agree with the bookmakers, putting the Swedish team on a clear victory, but no one promises them an easy game.

  • Our prediction: Fnatic will win

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