On April 6 at 18:00 (UTC), at ESL One 2020 Online, OGwill gight with B8. Our prediction is ready.


After spending a couple of weeks in the shadows after the WeSave! Charity tournament, the Greens found a replacement for MidOne and Topson. The ex-offline Alliance 33 moved to the second position, and the legendary Ceb returned to the top three. In this lineup, OG destroyed Nigma in the last round.

Two-time Inta champions have not long been their full-fledged main squad, but the earlier this didn’t stop them from arranging a total defeat of far from the weakest opponents in the person of Nigma Esports (2:0). It’s difficult to say what positions Sumail, 33 and who returned to the game at the Ceb pro-level, occupied this game: the cortex constantly tied up and preferred not farm, but total aggression with team movements on the map.

For example, the already mentioned 33rd during such a game managed to play on completely different types of characters – Lycan and Chen, and most importantly, all this looked as harmonious as possible and fully met OG’s in-game idea. N0tail and the company are incredibly strong with such a pillbox, and in this context there are fears that the total duration of the upcoming match may not be close to the mark of 1 hour.


The Ukrainian club ingloriously started at the tournament from ESL. In the first round, the B8 played three mpas with Cyber Legacy, although this didn’t help to avoid a defeat. At first, Dendi confidently played on Dragon Knight, but in the second they completely lost the mid on the same hero. The B8 leader held the final game on Pugna with KDA (2–2–5).

The problems here are complex: from a noticeable drop in the skill of individual artists to completely ridiculous decisions regarding drafts and macro actions. B8, in view of the bloated media, continue to call for tournaments, although in terms of the level of demonstrated DotA, they have long been out of line with even 1/4 of the final open-quarter finals.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • B8 have never played against an OG level team
  • The real MVP of the match against Nigma Esports as part of OG was Ceb. On the 1st map, playing on the Brewmaster, the Frenchman became the best assistant in the compositions of both teams (24), and on the 2nd map he literally in solo made his opponents on the Foreign Legion Commander
  • Over the past 3 days, Mead B8 Dendi has completed games three times from 0 in the Kill Count. A couple of times the indicator of frags earned by him stopped at around 1, which can clearly be considered a real fiasco

OG vs B8 Prediction

There is nothing special to analyze here, because on the one hand we have one of the most powerful teams of our time, whose players are able to play any roles and play on any heroes, and on the other hand we have an absolutely nondescript stack that seems to be living out its last weeks. In our opinion, OG will arrange a total defeat of rivals on the first map.

  • Our prediction: OG win and Total Under 2.5 maps

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