OG Seed will have a fight against Vikin.gg on April 22 at 17:00 (UTC), and we will give the most accurate prediction. Will the Bulls once again prove their superiority?

OG Seed

OG Seed in the last duel with ChickenFighters showed a decent game and deservedly got win (2:0). The team still didn’t suffer a single defeat in these qualifications and didn’t even lose a single map. It can be seen that the team is gradually trying to progress and doesn’t stand still, but so far it’s still far from reaching the tier-2 level.


For the first time in a long time, Vikin.gg got two wins in a row, first defeating Khan (2:1), and then with a dry score to deal with Aggressive Mode. The Vikings can play great and control the course of action on the entire map, but they don’t do so stably. The team also has a strong carry in the face of Shad, who in almost any situation, even hopeless, tries to make the right things.

Betting Statistics

  • OG Seed won their last match against Vikin.gg
  • The previous two matches of the three Vikings had a total over 2.5 maps
  • OG Seed have won three out of four games

OG Seed vs Vikin.gg Prediction

OG Seed had a good time in their last matches, but Vikin.gg has added a lot lately. We think that between these teams we will get a stubborn struggle that will drag on three maps. However, given the fact that the Bulls are more stable, we suggest betting on them.

  • Our prediction: OG Seed win and total over 2,5 maps

OG Seed vs Vikin.gg live stream

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