Dodin definitely surprises with her game at this tournament. After all, for a long time she could not add on and wandered at ITF tournaments. But now the French has clearly demonstrated that she is still able to compete at a high level.

On February 14, she will play with the Top 30 representative Elena Rybakina. A real challenge for Dodin! Will she be able to create another sensation? – We’ve already made a prediction for you.

At what time will Oceane Dodin and Elena Rybakina play?
The game time is February 14, 2020, at 10:00 AM (GMT).

What are the player’s positions in WTA rankings?
Oceane Dodin takes the 159th position and Elena Rybakina takes the 25th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Oceane Dodin have?
Oceane Dodin has won 61.4% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Elena Rybakina have?
Elena Rybakina has won 70% of the games as a favorite.

Oceane Dodin

For a long time, Doden was among the promising ones, because she always stood out for her crazy power of her serve. And as soon as the Frenchwoman began to progress rapidly, so immediately there was a nuisance. Since Ocean was seriously injured and even forced to lay on the operating table. When the tennis player returned to the tour, she was still searching for herself for many months. In St. Petersburg, Doden caught a courage and for the first time in a long time so confidently holds matches. She not only delivers confidently, but also acts with a minnimum of mistakes in rallies.

Oceane already has 4 wins in a row if you count along with the qualifications. And in the main draw she beated Kuzmova and Konta, rivals uniquely eminent, but in a deep gaming crisis. Last season Dodin has not impressed with the results, she played only 16 matches because of health problems, apparently the new season the French started very poorly, before the St. Petersburg tournament she played 5 matches, and received 3 defeats, yielding matches to rivals not of the highest level, namely, Flink, Friedsam, Alexandrova. As we can see, you don’t need to be a super-top tennis player to fight against Oceane Dodin, which by the way is located only at 159th place in the rating. Against a rival from the top 30, it’s too early to catch a victory.

Elena Rybakina

Rybakina had a great start this season. The representative of Kazakhstan played 10 matches, and won 9 fights, losing only to Barty at Australian Open. Naturally showing such stability of results, the Kazakh woman had already managed to get the trophy, and this happened in Hobart. At the St. Petersburg courts Elena feels absolutely comfortable, and two rounds passed already effortlessly, without giving the rivals a single set. For Rybakina, there is no nasty character that she can somehow underestimate her opponent, or start freaking out during the match. So, while she has such a cool wave of results, it is unlikely that a rival from the second half of the second hundred will be able to create big problems for her.

Rybakina continues to amaze with her coolness. After all, she behaves unshakably on the court, despite the difficulties and the situation. It should be noted that the tennis player goes to each match with a clear understanding of how she needs to act in a given situation. Of course, while Elena is extremely straightforward, because in every fight she tries to focus on her attacking potential, but it works and Rybakina is in no hurry to change anything.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • It will be for the first time that Dodin and Rybakina meet on the court.
  • Both athletes lost only once in the latest 5 matches.


Perhaps Duden will be able to impose a fight due to her serving, but the problem is that Oceane acts extremely weakly at the reception and in the draws. Therefore, Rybakina will also win her games with her eyes closed and, if possible, cling to a reception. And given that Dodin is still unstable, there will definitely be a chance to take advantage of the mistakes.

Our prediction is the win of Elena Rybakina

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