2 CS:GO monster teams will fight in the ESL Pro League Season 11, on 23 March at 17:00 (UTC). Will Big stand? Don’t miss our prediction.

North form

The former top Danish team, which is now rolling towards tier (-2). North has not been able to recover for six months now. There is no stability, sometimes they can break the strong team of the first division, sometimes merge before the shooting range (-2). From the latest results, we note the third or fourth place at DreamHack Open Anaheim and the fifth or sixth at DreamHack Open Leipzig. North won last game with Navi, but before lost to Forze and Fnatic. 

BIG form

BIG is Germany’s strongest team. However, after the departure of the top “smooya” sniper, she can’t find a style for a stable game. Judging by the individual skill of each tasher, a very strong team comes out, but this is not so. When felling with an opponent who has good teamwork and tactics, BIG are lost, and everything passes in one wicket. The last results of the Germans are not encouraging: (16:19) place on the ESEA MDL and no-go on the ESL One Rio 2020. They won last 2 games with Fnatic and Navi.

North vs BIG Prediction

The North team ranks 19th in the CS: GO team ranking, which is 9 points higher than the 28th position in BIG. A favorite of the meeting at the bookmakers is the BIG team. The battle of two team from the same region, which have frequent official fights and practice. It’s difficult to predict something in this match, because the two teams have absolutely unstable results. However, this is an online tournament, and BIG perform better in this mode.

North vs BIG live stream