On February 6, Egor Gerasimov and Nikola Milojevic will compete for a ticket to the quarterfinals of the ATP-250 tennis tournament in Indian Pune. Last year, the representative of Serbia was stronger in the Roland Garros qualification (7-5, 6-3). However, it is worth making the amendment that Egor on the ground throughout the career of the game is unsuccessful. In Pune on the hard, there are prerequisites for a possible revenge on the part of the Belarusian tennis player.

How will it end? – read in our prediction.

At what time does the Nikola Milojevic vs Egor Gerasimov play?
The game time is February 06, 2020, at 11:20 AM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Nikola Milojevic takes the 148th positions and Egor Gerasimov takes the 90 position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Nikola Milojevic have?
Nikola Milojevic has won 55% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Egor Gerasimov have?
Egor Gerasimov has won 66% of the games as a favorite.

Nikola Milojevic

Over the 137th position in the APR rating for his entire career, 24-year-old Nikola Miloevich did not rise. At the moment, the Serb is in the 148th position. Miloevic’s periodic successes are seen on challengers. The very fact that they managed to get into the second round at the ATR-250 is a serious achievement for Miloevich.

Milojevic performs pretty well this season. The Serbian tennis player has six victories in eight fights played this year. Milojevic won two of them on Australian Open. In the first round of the major in Melbourne, the Serb defeated the Japanese Taro Daniel (7-5, 6-4), and in the second defeated the American tennis player Ernesto Escobedo (6-4, 7-6).

Serbian tennis player from qualification started in Pune. In the first round match of the main net he was able to outplay in two sets the French tennis player Antoine Hoang (7-6, 6-4). A tight score with a tie-break does not cause much surprise, because Miloevich is not too strong at the reception. The pitch helps out, but against Hoang, the opponent had the only break point, which turned out to be successful.

Egor Gerasimov

Belarusian tennis player Yegor Gerasimov has currently reached his highest rating in his career (90th position). Throughout his career, regular injuries prevent Yegor from fully opening up. However, when everything is in order with health, Gerasimov is capable of much. Last season, he showed himself perfectly at the autumn tournaments in St. Petersburg (semi-final), Chengdu (quarter-final) and Moscow (second round of qualification).

Gerasimov did not have so many fights this season – in five meetings played, the Belarusian won only two victories.

In the first round of the tournament in Pune, Egor met with Italian Paolo Lorenzi. In the debut of the meeting, Gerasimov lost his serve, but then managed to level the game and close the match in two games with a score of 6-2, 6-3.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • For personal meetings, the score is 1-1.
  • Milojevic won four victories in the last five games, Gerasimov – two.


Gerasimov did not start the current season very smoothly, winning only two out of five games, which indicates not the best playing condition of the Belarusian tennis player. A lot in the upcoming match will be decided by the game on its pitch. Both tennis players in this component are good. However, Egor is able to serve with a high percentage of accuracy.

Miloevich has no stability in this regard. On the second pitch, Gerasimov plays traditionally in an aggressive manner. We expect that this may affect the Belarusian tennis player. Milojevic has better statistics – six wins in eight games. We expect that the Serb will create problems for Gerasimov in the upcoming meeting. Moreover, two years ago he already beat him.

  • Our prediction is the victory of Milojevic

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