We offer the prediction of our site for the OG Seed and Nigma match, it will be held on April 27, at 13:00 (UTC). Bulls lost in all three full-time fights. What will be the outcome of this meeting?


Nigma is one of the strongest teams in the world. Although they don’t win every match, team demonstrate a confident game. The team arrived a new player w33, he significantly strengthened the composition. In the first tournament priest, Nigma were defeated by Team Liquid (1:2).

But problems shouldn’t arise. Nigma in 2020 already twice met with this opponent and each time came out the winner. Each time W33 in the midst dealt with their opponent and brought the team a landslide victory. Moreover, each Nigma player is head and shoulders stronger than each representative from the opposing team. It’s obvious that the top players are in priority over the farm of the bulls

OG Seed

OG Seed demonstrate an uncertain game. Qualification on WePlay! wasn’t difficult, on the way the team got down to teams clearly lower class, they managed to beat ChickenFighters (2:0) and ViKin.gg (2:1). The team failed the first round in the group stage, losing with a score of (1:2), in a match with Ninjas in Pajamas.

The next opponent is angry and hungry for blood. No matter how many OG Seed they played with Nigma, they never managed to force a fight on more skillful opponents. In addition, the latter also started unsuccessfully at the tournament, and will most likely play with double dedication. We can’t say something like this about Sidov. With all their efforts, they will be able to create maximum competition in individual team fights, but are unlikely to hold out for long. As mentioned earlier, one player of a good level will not be able to withstand the top five.

Betting Statistics

  • OG Seed lost in two of their last four games
  • OG Seed lost in all head-to-head fights

Nigma vs OG Seed Prediction

In today’s pair, there is a clear favorite in the person of Nigma. The Bulls were weaker in all head-to-head confrontations. OG Seed are inferior both in a team game and individually. We believe that Nigma will earn a point in the piggy bank, trying to rehabilitate for the last defeat.

  • Our prediction: Nigma win

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