Snooker. Tour Championship 2020. Today it was decided that this tournament will be held without spectators. It’s just that it can’t be displayed on the game, but on the contrary, it will be more convenient for some snooker players to play in such conditions. It should be noted that in this competition the best of the best, or rather eight players according to the current seasonal rating, will converge. The prize pool is also impressive, since the total amount is 375 thousand pounds, and the winner takes 150 000 thousand pounds and this is for three matches won. Three quarter finals will be held today, and I want to stop at a meeting between

Neil Robertson

Many players shoot, and disappear without a trace, but this is definitely not said about Robertson, who is able to dominate the tour at a distance. What can we talk about if every season the “Australian car” stamps victories in rating tournaments and is in the top places. During his career, Neil has been on the first line in the ranking many times, but for a long time he did not succeed in strengthening himself, because he plays in an extremely competitive period. First, he fought with Ronnie O’Sullivan, then with Selby, and now he has to confront the incredible Judd Trump, who is blowing everyone in his path.

But this does not prevent Robertson from regularly being in the top 5-10 ratings. It must be taken into account that the Australian is constantly working on himself and is trying to fight age. When Neil began to seriously recover, he took extreme measures and became a vegetarian (the player himself claims that it is thanks to such measures that he still competes at a high level and is able to progress).

It’s a pleasure to watch Robertson’s game, since he acts aggressively, but he knows the measure in risk and when you can play cunningly or by number two, the Australian boldly goes for it. This season has been more than successful for Neal, because he has already won two rating tournaments, played twice in the finals and takes second place in the rating. And this is exactly the case when the position in the rating table really demonstrates the level of the game of snooker. At the moment, he is the second most powerful after Judd Trump.

Ding Junhui

We need to start with the fact that Dean is only 32 years old, and he has already built an outstanding career. Of course, the World Cup has not yet submitted to him, but the representative of China was one step away from this, and there is no doubt that he will have plenty of opportunities to win such a coveted tournament. Playing against Junhui is a real hard labor for any snooker player, since he masterfully destroys someone else’s game, takes him out of the comfort zone and constantly drags out time, starting from breaks, ending with standing in thought near the billiard table.

 For this reason, he received many times a portion of criticism in his address, but forced himself to respect thanks to the results. When the representative of China was at the peak of form, he several times occupied the first line in the ranking, but he was never there for a long time. And all this is due to psychological instability, since it can demonstrate an exorbitant level of the game during the tournament, and then take it and crumble out of the blue on the most important mast.

More recently, the season for Dean was developing in a fantastic way. He fired at one of the most important tournaments in the snooker world – the UK Championship. There he scored rating points, raised prize money and, it would seem, gained confidence in his own abilities. But immediately after this competition, a recession began, and when the coronavirus began to rage in China, Junhui completely wilted and lost to everyone.
The reason is that although Dean lives in England, his whole family is in China and under such conditions he cannot concentrate and act on his own level. In recent matches, he made desperate decisions and did not even think to fight, so it’s hard to even imagine what kind of difficult situation he is currently in. For this reason, it is difficult to believe that in the near future he will suddenly come to his senses and again begin to dominate.

Robertson v Junhui Prediction

Robertson deliberately ignored the last tournament in Gibraltar to relax and prepare for the Tour Championship, so there is no doubt about his motivation and form of play. You can not say about Dina, who is drooping in himself, goes out to play without any mood and breaks at the first difficulties. It is extremely important for Robertson to confidently start and crush the Chinese from the very first frames. If the Australian player succeeds, then the victory is his. It is also important that Dean is dependent on the support of the stands, which today will not be.

  • Our Prediction: Neil Robertson in the -3.5 handicap