Two eSports Ukrainian teams have not met a little more than 4 months! Now they have to play in the most important match of the WePlay tournament, on April 27, at 17:00 (UTC). Our analystic team predict that match and you could knwo who have a much greater chance of catching on 3-4 places in the group of the first Division.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere – the Ukrainian team have settled down to 16 positions in the world ranking. It’s worth noting that now they are not in the most optimal form of play, as evidenced by their extreme results.

Today, born to win occupy the third place in the group. In the first game day, they suffered a crushing defeat from HR (0-2), but managed to rehabilitate themselves in the next match against the tier-2 team – B8.


The opponent also represents Ukraine, but in the world ranking of the best teams for Dota 2 comes thirty-first. For all the time of performances, the team a win percentage of 57.34%, and over the past ten games this indicator is 50%.

Last time FlytoMoon played on April 25th, losing on two maps to their compatriots Hellraisers, and a day earlier they lost (1:2) in the Cyber Legacy Epic Prime League S1 tournament.

Betting Statistics

  • Ukrainian teams met 5 times. 2 wins in favor of FlyToMoon and 3 for NaVi
  • Most of head-to-head matches ended with total over 2,5 maps
  • FloToMoon played productively in the last match

NaVi vs FlyToMoon Predictin

In the upcoming confrontation, we advise you to bet on the FlyToMoon win. The team looks much more confident than the Natus Vincere. We understand perfectly well that they have not yet won a single match, but even those born to win can’t boast of good results. Of course, they managed to beat the outsider of the tournament, but I would not focus on this.

  • Our prediction: Total Over 2,5 maps

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