The best world team Natus Vincere showcased a bad start at current tournament, whereas forZe impressed fans with their games in 2 tours. Are NaVi ready to beat the rival and gain points? – Read our prediction.

Natus Vincere form

We do not want to start the analysis with high-profile statements, but Natus Vincere failed the start of the tournament. In the starting two rounds, 2 losses were recorded. This is not what the audience expected from the recent IEM Katowice triumph and the first hltv rated team. In the first round, those born to win lost to North. It would seem that the situation would be corrected in a sparring against BIG, but even there the underdog turned out to be stronger – 0:2. Nuke five gave without a fight 7:16, and in the second Dust they lost in overtime with a score of 20:22. It seems that we caught flashbacks of the last 2 years, when only s1mple showed his best. For two maps against the Germans, only Alexander completed in positive statistics, shooting +45 frags. The Ukrainian organization is in last place in Group B.

forZe form

The 24th world ranking team spend the starting tours much better. On the 17th March, was victory over Complexity 2:1, and on the 19th over North 2:0. To clarify, the very Danes fell to whom Navi lost without any chance. Against the lions, the Russians picked up their Train map (16:10) and took the choice of rival Nuke 16:12. Jerry and FL1T after the fight remained in negative statistics, but this did not particularly affect the final result. ForZe ELS is one of the few opportunities to prove themselves on the big stage. In contrast to the elder brother, the five rarely performs at such large events. First of all, nominal guests will cross off the Overpass card, and on all others they are ready to beat the opponent.

Natus Vincere vs forZe Prediction

After starting two Navi defeats, you can look at the bookmaker odds with suspicion. Despite the difference in class, forZe looks much more confident in this online tournament. Perhaps the first team in the world is affected by the format of the event. We predict that forZe will win.

Natus Vincere vs forZe live stream