In the upcoming match on April 25 2020 Natus Vincere will try to brake the resistance of their rival B8. What should we expect from this battle? – The answer is below in our prediction.

Natus Vincere

Ukrainian team “Natus Vincere” has settled on 16th position in the world ranking. This year it started quite well, qualified for the tournament ESL One Los Angeles, but produced disgusting results in the main stage. “Born to win” awfully played the group stage, took the penultimate, 7th place, earned 6 points. They had a series of two wins, but then the black streak started.

This tournament they did not start in the best way, suffered a defeat by “HellRaisers” (0-2) on cards.


The “B8” team is looking for their game. At the moment, it is located on 32nd line in the overall ranking. Her results are not credible, but with each game she progresses and makes mistakes. Do not forget that this is one of the few teams that managed to take the card from “Virtus Pro” in the last tournament.

She holds this tournament with a substitution, instead of a player under the name “KingR” performs “CTOMAHEH1”. In this line-up she managed to hold one match. On the first day of the game she was defeated by “Team Spirit” (0-2).

Betting Statistics

  • The total winrate of Natus Vincere is higher than that of B8 at 51.28% versus 15.38%.
  • The current rank of victories of Na’Vi is 6 defeats. 9 defeats on B8.
  • Earlier, out of 1 personal match, Natus Vincere won once and B8 won 0 times.

Natus Vincere vs B8 Prediction

This pair does not have a clear favorite, an advantage on the side of Natus Vincere, but it is only because it is higher in the ranking. Both teams are in bad shape and showing disgusting results. I propose to take a risk and win the outsider’s victory. The “B8” team was formed quite recently, but it has many high-class players, of which it is worth highlighting: “Dendi and Xcalibur. They are the playmakers on their team.

As for the “Born to Win”, they make specific drafts, while very uncertainly wins the line-up stage. It is safe to say that they lack a competent captain.

  • Our prediction: B8 will win

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