Another pair of tennis players awaits us in the 1/32 finals of Australian Open, Hibino plays against Sakkari.

Nao Hibino

Nao Hibino made her way through the qualification into the main draw of the tournament and in the 1/64 finals met with Chinese Shuai Peng. A difficult match, but not to say that Hibino won undeservedly. A good serve by the Japanese and a good forehand helped her in a difficult 2 games, 1 set Nao lost, giving her two innings in the end (4:6). But 2 games the girls played in a tie-break and in a difficult fight Hibino pulled out a victory (7:6)(8: 6). And then in 3 games, Peng used the mistakes, winning (6:3) in the end.

Maria Sakkari

Maria Sakkari beat Margarita Gasparyan (2-0) in the opening match in batches. Maria won confidently, played quickly, spending 1:04 playing time to win. Both in the first installment and in the second set, it was the tennis player from Greece who set the pace with which the opponent could not cope, as a result, Sakkari without losing a single pitch, confidently won (6:2), (6:2).

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Nao Hibino won by Shuai Peng (2:1) and Arruabarrena (2:0).
  • Maria Sakkari beat Gasparyan 2-0 and lose Vekich 1: 2.

Hibino vs Sakkari Prediction

Possibly, Hibino cound not be enough for this fight, although the Japanese showed good physical fitness, but we expect that the match will not last long.

  • Our prediction: Maria Sakkari will win

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