On March 31 at 18:00 (UTC), we will have a duel between Mousesports and Virtus.pro, for which our experts will give you a prediction. Will the “bears” be able to give at least some resistance to their opponent?

ESL Pro League Season 11 continues to delight eSports fans with interesting confrontations.


Mousesports, after winning a bitter battle over FaZe Clan with a score of (2:1), were unexpectedly defeated by OG. At the same time, having won the first card with a score of (19:16), the team took only five rounds on Train, and also answered with only two rounds on Inferno. In both cases, the team completely failed the side of the attack. Of course, no one expected that the “mice”, which are in fourth position in the world ranking, will play so badly against the tier (-2) team.

Mousesports are third in the world ranking, but they play with varying success in this tournament. In their group, the team remains a real contender for the playoffs. The team looks very good, there are strong and experienced players, so we are waiting for high results.


Virtus.pro didn’t bring a surprise and in the debut meeting at the event with FaZe Clan failed, without taking a single card. At their peak, the Bears took 11 rounds, and on the Mirage map they were already closer to win, but lost with a score of (13:16). Thus, the series of defeats of the team lasted up to five matches. In September 2019, the team was in fourth position in the ranking, and now they located on 20th line.

Bears recently can’t boast of high results, 11 losses in the last 12 official games. Due to such a blockage, the team even changed the captain, but the game was not much affected. Although this sounds threatening, but the bears are close to letting the team go, it’s impossible to play so badly.

Betting Statistics

  • Mousesports won the last match against VP (2:0)
  • VP lost in the previous five fights
  • The Bears lost to FaZe with a score of (0:2)

Mousesports vs Virtus.pro Prediction

We consider Mousesports to be the favorites of this fight, as Virtus.pro has not demonstrated a high-quality game in official meetings for a long time and even lost FaZe Clan dry in the opening match of the tournament. We think that the “mice” will be able to rehabilitate themselves for the defeat from OG and beat the “bears” with a dry score, as it was the last time.

  • Our prediction: Mousesports win

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Mousesports vs Virtus.pro live stream