Mousesports will meet against OG on March 29, and our experts will make a prediction for this fight. Is it possible for the “mice” to defeat the “bulls”? – Check our prediction.

Mousesports form

Mousesports, as it turned out, came up to this tournament in good shape and in their debut match were able to beat FaZe Clan with a score of 2:1 on the maps. By the way, on the first map, the “mice” lost, taking nine rounds, and on the next two they did a comeback and got a win. Frozen and ropz, who scored 61 and 63, respectively, played best of all. This is worth noting, that the team again proved that it is very strong on Dust2, and currently has 88% win rate.

OG form

OG occupy 19th place in the world ranking, therefore they are considered to be the main outsiders in the group. The team spent one match at the event and was able to defeat another outsider – Tyloo. The meeting for the “bulls” turned out to be rather easy, and they easily dealt with the Chinese on two maps. In fact, on Inferno they gave 11 rounds to the rival, and on Dust2 they completely limited to nine. However, it must be emphasized that on no map do OGs have more than 65% winrate.

Betting statistics

  • Mousesports have won the last two matches against OG.
  • Mousesports defeated FaZe Clan in a previous fight.
  • OG lost in three out of five matches.

Mousesports vs OG Prediction

In our opinion, Mousesports are one of the main favorites in the group, so they must deal with OG on two maps. “Bulls” often lose confidently even to the teams of tier-2 level and are unlikely to show themselves in the upcoming meeting.

Mousesports vs OG live stream