On April 7, at ESL Pro League Season 11, we will see mousesports – NaVi super-confrontation. Our experts could not get past such a battle, having prepared their exclusive prediction.


At the ESL Pro League, the team immediately started saving up the necessary amount to reach the final – in the starting two rounds, Mousesports won. On April 5, OG were knocked out with a score 2: 0, and on the 7th, stars from FaZe 2: 1 suffered. In the two mentioned matches, the Mause lost one Train with a score of 9:16. At the time of writing the forecast, the five settled in first place in the group, gaining six points. The main task is not to fall below the third position. 

The fourth team of the world ranking in 2020 can boast of the won ICE Challenge tournament from the GGBet bookmaker. There mousesports won 250 thousand dollars, defeating Navi in ​​the final.


Unexpectedly, the Swedes can also boast of two victories in the starting rounds. It seemed that fnatic would not be able to compete in such a strong group, but on April 5 and 6 they defeated FaZe and Astralis respectively. Both opponents flew off with an identical score of 2:1. At the moment, the team settled in 2 positions in the tournament standings, also gaining six points. Perhaps in a future meeting it will be decided which of the two teams will go straight to the finals of the tournament, and who will still need to fight at the semifinal stage.

This season, the Swedes have already managed to achieve 3rd position at IEM Katowice 2020. Fnatic are on the 5th line in the world ranking.

Betting Statistics

  • Mousesports won last match against Fnatic 3-0.
  • Fnatic lost in the previous match.
  • Mousesports have a series of five wins.

Mousesports vs Fnatic Prediction Prediction

Mice look more confident at the reporting online tournament. Yes, the Swedes have already beaten several favorites, but they simply did not manage to take advantage of the spaces in the fnatic map pool.

  • Our prediction: Mousesports will win

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