Mousesports have not met FaZe Clan for a long time, and on March 28, for the first time in a long period, they will fight against them. Will the “mice” succeed in imposing their game on the opponent?

Mousesports form

Mousesports played very unsuccessfully at the IEM Katowice tournament and left it at the group stage stage, sensationally losing 100 Thieves with a score of 1:2. At the same time, the “mice” took the first map, but on Dust2 they lost with a score of 8:16, and on Nuke they took 14 rounds. In this regard, the team went beyond the top three world ranking and is now in fourth position. However, perhaps a pause will benefit the team, and at this event it will prove to be the best.

FaZe Clan form

FaZe Clan are below their opponent in the ranking by three lines. The team did not have any difficulties in the starting meeting with Tyloo, and they got an easy victory with a score of 2:0. Coldzera played best of all the rest, who for two cards issued 45 kills with 25 deaths. We emphasize the fact that the Europeans for the first time in three months had a duel on the Mirage map, although once it was one of the strongest map in their assets.

Betting statistics

  • Mousesports have won the last three out of four matches against FaZe Clan.
  • FaZe Clan are the seventh in the world ranking.
  • Mousesports are the fourth in the world ranking.

Mousesports vs FaZe Clan Prediction

In our opinion, Mousesports, after a break in official matches, should be as prepared as possible for the fight and fight for the victory. “Mice” consistently beat FaZe Clan earlier, so we suggest to bet on them.

Mousesports vs FaZe Clan live stream