UFC Predictions and Betting Tips

TotalSporty experts make professional analytic forecasts recommending betters specific bets on UFC tournaments. As a basis for predictions, an extensive database of statistics is used for all competitions within the promotion, as well as for each fighter participating in the tournament. In UFC tournaments, fights often end ahead of schedule, but this does not mean at all that such a bet should be made. It is important to know the characteristics of the fighters, the strength of their blow, the success in fights with representatives of other fighting styles. Since martial arts are not a team sport, the individuality factor decides everything. Therefore, each fight requires painstaking analysis.

Read our predictions for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. All analytics is published not later than about a day before the start of the battle and includes information: about each fighter, its statistics, about personal meetings.

Best bookmakers to bet on UFC

TotalSporty offers convenient UFC analytics, statistics and predictions tools for those who are not used to betting at random. The expert system makes its forecast based on current ratings and artificial intelligence algorithms. Before you bet on a UFC fight, you can always familiarize yourself with the statistics of fighters, see the forecast of our system and then bet on one or another outcome yourself. No system in the world gives a 100% guarantee of correctly guessing the result, but you can always choose the events with the lowest risk and with the highest probability of winning. Our forecasts are absolutely free, unlike predictions of dubious specialists who offer their services for money!