On the main card of the UFC 247 tournament, the fight of Dan Ige against Mirsad Bektic is planned. American Ije goes on a series of four wins in a row, and Mirsad Bekti spent just one fight last year, losing him by knockout. However, bookmakers do not see Dan Ige as an obvious favorite. In order not to make a mistake with the bet on the upcoming match, we will try to make an expert prediction.

At what time Mirsad Bektic vs Dan Ige plays?
The fight time is February 8, 2020, at 09:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Mirsad Bektic has?
Mirsad Bektic has 13 wins and 2 loss.

How many wins and losses Dan Ige has?
Dan Ige has 12 wins and 2 loss.

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Mirsad Bektic

Mirsad Bektic is a Bosnian fighter, he is 28 years old. Spent 15 fights in professionals, a record of 13-2-0. He has been playing at the UFC since 2014 and lost in the last fight. He lost by technical knockout to Josh Emmett, and before that, he defeated him by a separate decision by Ricardo Lamas and knockout Godofredo Castro.

For the Mirsad Bektic, the upcoming fight will be the ninth in the promotion. Having started his professional career in 2011, Mirsad joined the UFC three years later – with a record of seven victories in the same number of fights. At the organization’s tournaments, Bektic spent eight fights, scoring six wins with two defeats.

Both times the Mirsad lost ahead of schedule – Darren Elkins in the third round and Josh Emmett in the first. Mirsad’s basic style is karate, but he also has good training in freestyle wrestling and boxing. The best achievement at the moment is a wins by a separate decision of the judges over Ricardo Lamas.

Dan Ige

American has been fighting at the pro level since 2014. Having a record of eight wins in nine fights, Ige signed a contract with the UFC. The debut match against Julio Arce Dan lost by unanimous decision, but then issued a series of four consecutive wins (two early).

Dan Ige is an American fighter, he is also 28 years old. In his track record, Dan has 14 fights, a record of 12-2-0. He made his debut in the UFC much later than his future rival, namely in 2018. But he managed to conduct 5 fights in a short period of time, he won the last 4. He defeated in an extreme battle by unanimous decision Kevin Aguilar.

Ije wears a black belt in jujitsu and brown in judo, has good grappling skills. A pair of wins can raise him to the TOP-15 featherweight division.


  • Arm span is slightly larger for Dan, and the leg span is 5 cm more for Mirsad. Both fighters are universal, can fight in a stance and also fight great. Dan inflicts more blows, and the accuracy of the fighters is approximately the same. Bektic acts much better in defense, he misses much more hits. However, such an effective defense did not save the Mirsad from knockout in an extreme battle with Emmett. Both often resort to takedowns, but Mirsad has more of them, plus everything, his sales percentage is much higher. Mirsad also has excellent protection against transfers of 100%, Ige, on the contrary, has weak protection of 60%.
  • Mirsad suffered both defeats precisely by knockouts, and Dan still did not lose ahead of schedule. The opposition of both fighters is not particularly distinguished, but it still looks preferable to Bektic. Both of them have a good physical shape and will be ready to go the full distance of the battle.

Mirsad Bektic vs Dan Ige Prediction

Depending on the scenario and the course of events, Bektic can cope with an opponent, both in the rack and in the stalls. Ige does not have a serious knockout blow, but his jujitsu skills are dangerous because he has a black belt. We think that after a crushing defeat from Emmett, Bektic will start very carefully.

He won’t get into the fight right away, he will shoot at the front, and if something goes wrong he will try to transfer the opponent. Surely the battle can drag on because the rivals are worthy of each other and everyone can defeat them by decision. But we are still on the side of the gifted Bektic, it is unlikely that he will allow a second defeat in a row.

Excellence in experience and size, as well as universalism, is the key to Bektich’s wins in this confrontation.

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