The intriguing battle between former four weight class champion Mikey Garcia and former two weight class champion Jesse Vargas will be the highlight of the March 1 boxing night at the Ford Center Arena in Frisco, Texas. At stake in this fight will be a special WBC Diamond belt from the World Boxing Council. Who will be the winner? Consult our prediction

At what time Mikey Garcia and Jessie Vargas fight?
The fight time is February 29, 2020, at 09:00 PM (ET).

Where to watch the fight?

How many wins and losses Garcia have?
Mikey Garcia has 39 wins and 1 loss.

How many wins and losses Vargas have?
Jessie Vargas has 29 wins and 2 losses and 2 defeats.

Mikey Garcia

32-year-old Miguel Angel (Mikey) Garcia is one of the best fighters in the lightweight category, who at different times owned belts in four divisions. At the moment Garcia is boxing in the welterweight category, and the upcoming fight will be his second performance in this category. Conquering the WBC Diamond belt will allow him to become the champion in the fifth weight category, although this title is secondary. To be honest, Mikey’s previous belts were also conquered in battles with less powerful opponents at the time. After a possible victory over Jesse Vargas, Garcia could theoretically get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, and will have a good chance to box the age Philippine. But in the revenge with Errol Spence or in a confrontation with one of the leaders of Pound-4-Pound Terence Crawford American will be an underdog.

Garcia’s amateur career was not rich in events and great achievements. Miguel Angel began to play amateurs in 2003, and in 2006 has already moved to the professionals. In the amateur ring, Mikey won a gold medal at the Golden Gloves Junior Tournament and a bronze medal at the Adult Tournament. He also holds silver from the National Olympic Junior Championship, gold and silver medals from the Police Athletic League.

The professional stage of Mikey Garcia’s career began in July 2000 – with the victory on points over Mexican Herrero Mendoza. And the American won his first champion title (it was IBF-USBA light heavyweight belt) in the 21st fight. Ten more fights later, Garcia won the full WBO lightweight champion belt, as well as the The Ring magazine belt. In that title standoff (January 2013) Mikey defeated Orlando Salido, the most serious opponent in his career at the time.

Then Miguel Angel decided to conquer other weight classes. He got the WBO belt in the first lightweight category after his knockout victory over Roman Martinez (November 2013). Garcia won the WBC lightweight title by knocking out Dejan Zlatichanin (January 2017). And IBF strap in the first half-middleweight Mikey got after the points victory on Russian Sergey Lipinz. As you can see, the titles in four weight categories were won, which is called low blood. But the half-measuring of the IBF title, which belonged to Errol Spence, was an outright adventure. The experts who read Garcia’s victory were more fascinated by his impeccable record. But physically powerful and technically capable Spence did not leave Mikey’s chances, without much difficulty interrupting him throughout the fight. Now Garcia will try not to step on the rake for the second time, choosing for the fight again a large, no longer having filigree technique Vargas.

The American is a classic right-handed man who can change his post as the fight progresses. Garcia has a powerful one-time shot, and his record includes a large number of knockout victories. But the last time he won an early win was in the lightweight category. Good super light and half-middle division boxers can carry his best punch. Mikey’s characteristic feature is his seniority. He boxes “on the classics”, does not fall off in bulk, does not retreat in a straight line, skillfully fails and catches on the counterattack in one word – almost has no weaknesses.

Jessie Vargas

The 30-year-old American Vargas is not one of the most popular half-middleweight boxers. Specialists and ordinary boxing fans consider Jesse to be a strong “near-top”, who can become a champion and even protect his belt a couple of times. But he can’t compete with Pound-4-Pound Vargas boxers. Another thing is if the opponent comes from small divisions. For Jesse, the victory over Garcia will be a big step to the money fights with the leaders of the Velterweit. That’s why on March 1, the guy will surely put himself in the ring on the full program.

For amateurs, Vargas has achieved some success. He has two U.S. junior championship titles and two Mexican adult championship titles. Jesse was also a member of the 2008 Mexican Olympic team. Total amateur career record of Vargas has 120 victories with 20 defeats.

Unlike his future rival, Vargas did not perform in the lightweight and first lightweight categories. Quite a big Jesse has a career in the super lightweight and semi-middleweight divisions. The American of Mexican origin started playing among pros in September 2008 – with a knockout victory in the 1st round over Joel Gonzalez. In 2014, Jesse won the first full-balance title – WBA super lightweight champion – beating Russian Habib Allahverdiev on points. In June 2015 Vargas got a chance to challenge the WBO light welterweight champion belt, but suffered his first defeat in his career – from Timothy Bradley by unanimous decision. In his next fight, Jesse took the title by knocking out Saddam Ali, but lost the belt to legendary Manny Pacquiao (L UD12) the same year. In addition to these two defeats, there are two draw results in his record. That was the outcome of Vargas’s 2018 fight against Adrian Broner and Thomas Dulorme. The American played his extreme battle in April last year, knocking out veteran Umberto Soto in round 6.

Jesse Vargas is a right-wing boxer with good classical technique and traditional Mexican firmness. A decent amateur base sets Vargas apart from most other boxers with Mexican roots. Jesse does not impose a frank felling on his rivals, trying to gain victories at the expense of his strong points. The American is tall enough by the standards of half-middle weight, skillfully uses jab. If he manages to shake his opponent, it usually ends with a technical knockout. Vargas is also distinguished by his enviable endurance and endurance. He has met many knockouts in the ring, but never lost early.

Mikey Garcia vs Jessie Vargas Prediction

The favorite fighter, Mikey Garcia, has to take this fight. After his failure with Errol Spence, he must have thought three times about what to do next. You could have gone down to a division or even two lower. But Mikey stayed in the half-heavy division and chose as his opponent a very difficult, toothed Jesse Vargas. Now there’s a chance to make a loud statement, at the same time winning the WBC Diamond belt. And then there can follow the negotiations with Vasily Lomachenko, if he solves all the problems in the lightweight and agrees to rise to the next category.

  • We predict a victory of Mikey Garcia.