On January 20 2020 Martina Trevisan and Sofia Kenin faced each other in a match from WTA Australia Open in Melbourne. 

Martina Trevisan

In most of her fights won Martina Trevisan prevails due to a strong serve, because besides her there is no more than to brag about. But, if Martina Trevisan takes the initiative from the first minutes and constantly delivers, then the opponent has little chance of salvation. Already one match was played at this tournament, which was played very confidently. The pitch worked at the highest level, so the opponent did not have a single break point. Martina is now in good physical shape, which was evident in all previous matches of the season, because even if you had to play five sets, you could not see much fatigue at the end of the match. The profile coating is soil, but Trevisan also has a play on hard, and this season there were already enough matches on hard courts to get used to this coating.

Sofia Kenin

Sofia Kenin is too hot-tempered, which does not allow him to act stably on the court. In this match, you will again have to give vent to your emotions, as the opponent will have a serious, even better footwork. But, on the other hand, Sofia confidently acts on the back line, so that shows a good level in the exchange of blows. Kenin knows how to play in the hall on hard surface, because if you take the last season, then there were seven such fights, of which six ended in victories. Sofia Kenin has a powerful serve, and although it does not differ in speed on the court, but it demonstrates the constant variability of shots, so it is extremely difficult to predict the direction of the ball. Kenin won two of the last five matches, given the high level of rivals.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Sofia Kenin on 15rd position in Rank
  • Martina Trevisan on 154rd position in Rank
  • Before that, tennis players have never played among themselves
  • Trevisan finished the last three matches with a score (2:0)
  • Kenin won two of the last five matches, given the high level of rivals

Martina Trevisan vs Sofia Kenin Game Prediction

There is no doubt that Kenin will win, but here is how she will do it. The American is higher class, she is more versatile and feels confident on any surface, plus Kenin has grown psychologically and has ceased to make mistakes in decisive and crucial moments. In this match, Sofia’s victory is unambiguous, the opponent can count on just a couple of games.

Our prediction – Sofia Kenin to win