UFC 248 pre-card schedule includes the fight Mark Madsen vs Austin Hubbard. The title wrestler Madsen has had only one fight as part of the promotion, but has a good chance to rise in time to the top of his weight class. For Austin Hubbard, the upcoming fight will be the third in the UFC, and in extreme combat he won. To make an accurate bet on the fight Madsen and Hubbard, we will try to make an objective prediction.

At what time Madsen vs Hubbard fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 10:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Mark Madsen have?
Madsen has 9 wins and 0 losses.

How many wins and losses Austin Hubbard  have?
Hubbard has 11 wins and 3 loss.

Statistics and physical data

  Mark Madsen Austin Hubbard
Age 35 28
Weight 70 kg 70 kg
Height 178 cm 178 cm
Arm span 183 cm 180 cm
Number of fights 9 14
Wins 9 (6 early) 11 (6 early)
Defeat 0 (5 early) 3 (1 early)

Mark Madsen

35-year-old Danish in his professional career has not lost a single battle. Last time Mark fought against Italian Danilo Belluardo on September 28, 2019. In the 1st round Madsen won by technical knockout as a result of a series of blows.

Madsen is a Greco-Roman wrestler with impressive achievements in this sporting discipline. Madsen has a silver medal from the 2016 Olympic Games, as well as medals from world and European championships. In mixed martial arts, Mark has been performing intermittently since 2013, and his total record includes nine wins in the same number of fights. Madsen made his UFC promotion debut in September last year.

The main trump card of the Danish is his wrestling skills and ability to effectively achieve in the parterre.

Austin Hubbard

A 28-year-old American has been fighting on a professional level since 2015. With a record of 10 wins in 12 fights, Austin signed with UFC and made his promotional debut at Fight Night 152. He lost that fight on Davi Ramos points and four months later won by unanimous decision over Kyle Prepolec. Hubbard is a universal fighter with good boxing and grappling skills, but without a single knockout punch.

The last Austin loss was detected on May 18, 2019. In his professional career, Hubbard lost only two fights by a judgment.

Madsen vs Hubbard Prediction

The favorite of the upcoming fight is Mark Madsen. The Dutchman can compete on equal terms with the American in a stand, and any move to the parterre will increase his chances of winning many times.

Fighters have the same fighting style, but unlike the American, the Danish has a very heavy kick in addition to the skills. Nevertheless, in general, we think the fight will last in a fight where Mark has much more regalia.

  • Our prediction: Mark Madsen Will Win.

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