Another bout in Sun Times Square, in Pretoria is expected between the two represenatatives of Congo DR Mark “Batolo Bacharge” Kamba and Diego “The Panga Man” Bandu. Who will be stronger in the upcoming battle? – Read it in our prediction.

At what time Kamba and Bandu fight?
The fight time is Saturday March 14, 12:00 AM ET

Where to watch the fight?
DAZN, Fight Sports, Best 4 Sports, KTN, IB Sports, TV Zimbo

How many wins and losses does Kamba have?
Mark Kamba has 2 wins and 3 losses.

How many wins and losses does Bandu have?
Diego Bandu has fought yet.

Statistics and physical data

  Mark Kamba Diego Bandu
Age 29 23
Weight 177.8 lbs (80.7 kgs) 185.2 lbs (84.0 kgs)
Height 5’11” (180cm) 6’2″ (190 cm)
Reach 74.8″ (190cm) 80.32″ (204 cm)
Number of fights 5 0
Wins 2 0
Defeat 3

Mark Kamba

It would be the 6th bout for the orthodox stance fighter Mark Kamba. His key profile is actually judo but to differentiate his fighting skills and achieve more perfection in martial arts he is working currently with his coach Jacques Portelli, training for the EFC matches

Until the present moment Mark won two battles: the first EFC battle in his career against Tyron Bester with a punch knockout in the first tound and the other one against Elvis Ngwalangwala with a technical knockout also in the first round.

Diego Bandu

Brendon Kats, the coach of Diego believe in his fighter, letting him fight for the first time in his EFC career. The 23-tear-old athlete specializes in boxing but as his counterpart has decided to try a different discipline.

Bandu performed his boxing bouts in an aggressive manner.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Bandu is 10 cm higher than his opponent
  • Diego has also a bigger arm span: 204 cm against 190 of Mark
  • Bandu has a taller leg span: 115 cm against 103 cm

Kamba vs Bandu Prediction

It would definately be a challenge for Mark Kamba. His opponent has impressively better physical characteristics being tall and randy and fighting very aggressively. Although Diego Bandu didn’t have any experience he is considered to be a favourite for this match.

  • Our prediction: Diego Bandu Will Win.

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