On January 6 2020, Marin Cilic and Kamil Majchrzak will meet. Who will win? Read our prediction.

Marin Cilic

Cilic with difficulty, but still won his first match in this tournament. In the previous match, Marin dealt with Denis Novak (6-7, 6-4, 6-4). Despite this, the Austrian managed to resist the favorite. Thanks to the powerful serve, the native of Wiener Neustadt made 11 aces. It helped him a lot in this confrontation.

It seems that Cilic is not in the best way ready for the new season. The crisis in the Croatian game was too long. At the end of 2019, Marine showed a weak game. Now he does not look better.

Cilic is one of those tennis players who can play at the highest level and compete for titles. However, the tennis player is too psychologically unstable and if he has some kind of unsuccessful stretch, a lot of defeats, then this is perfectly reflected in further results. It is worth paying attention to the last season, because it all started with the fact that the representative of Croatia could not stand the imposition of the top 3 fight, then he received an insulting injury and is still looking for himself. Because of all these problems, Marin often goes to the court trivially unprepared, he moves badly, makes mistakes that are unusual for himself, and all this is perfectly reflected in the final result. What the tennis player does not take away is a fighting character, because even in the most difficult situations he forces himself to fight to the last. In his career, one can recall a huge number of all kinds of comebacks. This season has so far begun not bad, since Marine managed to get a major victory over Denis Novak, where he once again showed character, because he lost the first set. Will Cilic be able to return to the previous level?

Kamil Majchrzak

Majchrzak failed to win his first match in this tournament. In the previous match, the Pole met with Guido Pella. Camil won the second set against the Argentine, but the final victory went to the representative of South America (2-6, 6-2, 2-6).

Majchrzak lost Pelle, primarily in the game on the back line. He did not manage to cross the Argentinean. Guido gave slack in the second installment, but eventually brought the match to its logical conclusion.

Majchrzak has repeatedly demonstrated in practice that he is ready to compete in the ATP tour. But the Pole needs to do something with concentration, because he cannot play even and without changes during the match. And at a distance he manages to make jerks, at first he holds several tournaments at a high level, passes to the final stages, then a recession appears out of nowhere and as a result a series of defeats. Kamil was in the top 100, but failed to gain a foothold for a long time, because at the first defense of his glasses he completely failed. It should be noted that there was a period when the tennis player had already left the Challengers and focused on ATP tournaments, but now he is returning to the roots again. The upcoming season will be extremely difficult for Majchrzak, because he again needs to defend a lot of points in big tournaments, and for this he needs to add. A recent match in the ATP Cup against Guido Pelli showed that Kamil was in no hurry to work on his own mistakes. Because he again dominated in one set and dominated the court, and then in the other two with difficulty interrupted the ball through the net.

Statistics and personal meetings

This will be the first personal meeting between these players.
Last year, on a hard Cilic won 14 matches. Maykhrzhak – 19.
In the previous match, the Croatian won 83% of the goals in the first serve. Pole – 70%.

Marin Cilic vs Kamil Majchrzak Prediction

Bookmakers too underestimate Marin Cilic, because he showed against Novak that he is determined to fight to the last and is gradually returning to his level. Majchrzak is a fairly straightforward tennis player, he does not have a powerful pitch, so you just need to tune in to the fight on the back line. Marin will often be able to leave due to the first ball, and in rallies he is corny more powerful than the Pole. Therefore, it is worth betting on the victory of Marin Cilic.