On January 20 2020 Margarita Gasparyan and Maria Sakkari faced each other in a match from WTA Australia Open in Melbourne. 

Margarita Gasparyan

Margarita’s one-handed backhand, as it was imperfect, remained so. It is this component that becomes her burden rather than a real weapon. In addition to all this, her weak forehand, which barely reaches the midcourt of the other half of the court. Gasparyan, who used to really give hope, can now win matches only by distracting her rivals with medical timeouts.

Maria Sakkari

Maria Sakkari at the beginning of this season was frankly unlucky with her rivals. In the first round of Brisbane, she caught Naomi Osaka. Maria even led the match with a score of 2-6 7-6 2-0, but the Japanese player returned to the game in time and completed the match in her favor. And in Adelaide Sakkari, although she won the opening match against Vitalia Dyachenko, Donna Vekić, who has been performing very well lately, has come forward on her way. The match also ended in three sets 2-6 7-5 6-1 and Maria was again close to victory, but there wasn’t enough just a little for the Greek

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Margarita Gasparyan on 98rd position in Rank
  • Maria Sakkari on 23rd position in Rank
  • Gasparyan won three victories in the last five matches
  • Three out of five recent Sakkari matches ended in three sets
  • The score in the full-time confrontation is no one – (1:1)

Margarita Gasparyan vs Maria Sakkari Game Prediction

It can be assumed that Gasparyan again came to the tournament only for a check. As soon as tennis players of a lower level meet on her way, she immediately capitulates. Most often, Margarita quickly gives up, receiving a steering wheel in the second set, or simply simply refuses to continue the match, citing something injured. And Maria, on the contrary, always fights to the end, yes, in her physical capabilities, in fact, she cannot be an attacker and other powerful players simply crush her with her strength. But Gasparyan has nothing to oppose Sakkari with anything and, most likely, Margarita will surrender again without a fight.

Our prediction – Maria Sakkari to win