Just a few days ago, Marcos Giron and Ugo Humbertr played their matches, and now on February 12 they will face-to-face confrontation in the same tournament. Opponents did not often play with each other, although for several years they have been playing at the highest level. Previously, there were only two meetings in which Marcos Giron has two wins, and both wins were only after five sets.

At what time does Marcos Giron vs Ugo Humbert play?
The game time is February 12, 2020, at 08:50 PM EST.

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Marcos Giron takes the 113th positions and Ugo Humbert takes the 43rd position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Marcos Giron have?
Marcos Giron has won 60% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Ugo Humbert have?
Ugo Humbert has won 66% of the games as a favorite.

Marcos Giron

This season, Marcos Giron already has a large number of matches played, which clearly indicates that the twelfth racket of the world is in good shape, as it was possible to play it. Of course, despite the excellent results at previous tournaments, you should not pay special attention to them, because at those Challengers there were opponents of a completely different level with whom it was easy to take early wins.

And since this tournament is much more prestigious and the best rackets of the world have gathered here, it is not so easy to prove yourself.

Marcos Giron can rejoice that he managed to overcome already four stages, but in the last meeting it was a very difficult game since the first set was completely failed, so I had to play a lot more carefully. Marcos Giron still has difficulty adapting to the court, as previously, almost all matches played were played on a different surface.

Ugo Humbert

The start of the season was completely failed, so now Ugo Humbert has little game practice. Only three matches were played, all of which ended in defeat, and only one managed to win one set. It was in a game with opponents who are significantly lower in the ranking of world tennis. So, even though last year at this tournament we managed to get into the quarter-finals, it will be a surprise if this time at least we can overcome the qualification matches.

Ugo Humbert demonstrates an extremely weak level because there is no such aspect of the game in which there would be no problems. And with the filing, problems began, and the reception worsened, so that the marriage is visible around. Ugo Humbert does not feel the backline, and he cannot close the area near the net simply because of poor speed.

What happened in the offseason is not clear, so it is hoped that with an increase in playing practice, the situation will improve so that Ugo Humbert will not look so hopeless in all matches.

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  • Tennis players have not met before.

Marcos Giron vs Ugo Humbert Predictions

Marcos Giron and Ugo Humbert are interesting rivals who always try to show not only high-quality but also beautiful tennis. The audience just loves when rivals go to court in matches with opponents. However, the face-to-face confrontation of these athletes is an excellent occasion to admire various unthinkable things about modern tennis. Plasticity and a great sense of the ball are the trump cards of the opponents, allowing them to shock opponents with successful hits from completely unbelievable positions.

Predicting this match, our experts drew attention to the coverage on which the tournament is being held. They perfectly fit the opponents ’playing style, that is, there will be a place not only for incredible rallies but also for standard combinations that allow athletes to protect points on their own servers. In general, wins in this match will allow you to go to the next round of the tournament, earn rating points and prize money.

Given that rivals do not have the highest rating, they are unlikely to neglect this opportunity. Therefore, the fight in the match will be serious. We think that the confrontation will be protracted, and on this, we base our prediction on the match. You can find them below. And we recommend not to miss the match itself since we believe that it will be an amazing sight that will not leave indifferent any fan of this sport.

In this game for Marcos, there will only be support for his native stands, otherwise, his opponent is stronger than him in all respects. We think Humbert drew conclusions after losing to Millman at the Australian Open. And an ambitious Frenchman came to New York in order to compete for wins in this tournament.

Neither in the game of Milos Raonic, nor in the game of John Isner now there is that ease and confidence that was before. We think that the Frenchman will win this game, and will try to spend as little effort as possible for wins.

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