Due to the fact that the meeting is scheduled for February 25, 2020, there is very little time left for preparation, so opponents need to intensify their training. Marcos Giron and Gerardo Lopez Villasenor have been professionally playing tennis for more than ten years, so they had to meet six times at various tournaments, and if Marcos Giron has four wins, Gerardo Lopez Villasenor can only boast of two wins.

At what time are Marcos Giron vs Gerardo Lopez Villasenor to play?
The game time is February 25, 2020, at 03:35 (GMT+3).

What are the players’ positions in ATP rankings?
Marcos Giron takes the 115th positions and Gerardo Lopez Villasenor takes the 518th positions in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Marcos Giron have?
Marcos Giron has won 74% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Gerardo Lopez Villasenor have?
Gerardo Lopez Villasenor has won 67% of the games as a favorite.

Marcos Giron

This tournament Marcos Giron holds quite confidently, having overcome already three rounds. In the latter, there was a win over a more eminent opponent, but, despite this, it turned out to go further. There was a break in each set, and Marcos Giron can boast that not one loss of his own was lost. Last year at this tournament, everything ended just at this stage, so Marcos Giron definitely wants to improve his result and go even further.

Since Marcos Giron has already been 32 years old, at such a high level he will only be able to perform for several years, so this tournament is one of the chances to add another trophy to your few records. Hard is a profile coating, and even Marcos Giron is left-handed, with an outgoing pitch that is very inconvenient for rivals, so there are all prerequisites for wins. In addition, Marcos Giron moves well on the court and often runs to the net.

Gerardo Lopez Villasenor

In the adult tour, Gerardo Lopez Villasenor only spend the second full season, so that so far no one expects great achievements. Yes, among juniors it even turned out to take third place in the ranking, but professional tennis is a completely different level, so for a good performance you still need to gain experience. Last season, we managed to get into the main draw of all the tournaments of the Grand Slam series, which is already a good achievement for newcomers.

This season, Gerardo Lopez Villasenor also just goes through the qualification stages, but he can’t go any further since there is already a completely different level of players. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor prefers power tennis, but it is suitable only in the case of weak or equal opponents, and it is very difficult to pass representatives of the first hundred of the world rating on the same strength. Moreover, Gerardo Lopez Villasenor still has problems with the reception, does not always close the backline, and also plays mainly only on clay courts.

Marcos GironvsGerardo Lopez Villasenor
115ATP Rank518
26 (1993.07.24)Age24 (1995.05.12)
Thousand Oaks, CA, USABirthplacePuerto Vallarta, Mexico
Thousand Oaks, CA, USAResidencePuerto Vallarta, Mexico
5’11” (180 cm)Height6’3″ (191 cm)
170 lbs (77 kg)Weight200 lbs (91 kg)
2014Turned Pro
1/2YTD Won/Lost0/0
0YTD Titles0
4/9CAREER W/L1/3
0Career Titles0
$556,922Career Prize Money$49,248

Marcos Giron vs Gerardo Lopez Villasenor Predictions

The interest of our resource experts was caused by the confrontation of famous tennis players who will meet in-person. Rivals, judging by the results of this season, are in great shape, they could get to this tournament among the seeded tennis players, which indicates a high rating of rivals. Between themselves, Marcos Giron and Gerardo Lopez Villasenor have already met, moreover, there is a fresh PM this season. In that match, the rivals showed a decent level of tennis, fought for each ball, so the fans were satisfied with the match.

Tennis experts suggest that this confrontation on the passions will not be inferior to the previous ones. Recall that last season rivals showed excellent tennis at this tournament, which allowed them to get to the high stages. This season they will have to protect points, therefore, they consider this match very seriously, which they have already managed to declare in their profiles on social networks. The media actively advertise this match, considering it the central match of the tournament, our experts also decided to offer their forecasts for this confrontation, since we think that the game should turn out to be interesting and unpredictable, because the current form of athletes involves a fight in each draw, and opponents are able to use mistakes of opponents in their favor.

Our prediction for this match can be found below. We are sure that fans of tennis and betting on this sport will not be disappointed with the match.

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