The final fight of the WBSS super series in the first heavy weight between Mairis Briedis and Juniir Dortikos will take place on March 21 in Riga. The champion belt of IBF is at stake. Bookmakers have not determined the favourite, as long as the Latvian takes the lead with a minimum preponderance in quotations.

Will a boxer from the Baltic states be able to win in front of his native audience? We are trying to figure out and find a reliable outcome for the bet.

At what time Mairis Briedis and Junior Dorticos fight?
The fight time is March 21, 2020, at 20:30 (UTC+1).

Where to watch the fight?
DAZN, Sky Sports

How many wins and losses Briedis have?
Briedis has 26 wins and 1 loss.

How many wins and losses Dorticos have?
Junior Dorticos has 24 wins and 1 loss.

Mairis Briedis

European kickboxing champion (2008). World Champion on WBC versions (2017-2018), WBO from 2019, IBO (2017), IBA (2013-2015). Champion of the tournament Bigger’s Better (2012). WBC Diamond Belt Winner (2018). He was awarded the Order of Three Stars (2017).

The former kickboxer successfully broke into the world of boxing and has been performing in the professional ring for 11 years. In 27 fights he won 26 times. Most of his rivals were Latvians – Mairis often fought on his native land. The only one who was able to slow down him on his way to the joint WBC and WBO title was the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, who defeated Briedis by the judges’ decision.

On his way to the final fight of the super series, Briedis won the WBO belt in the semi-finals by knocking out Krzysztof Glowacki. Only the spectacular fight was marred by the unconvincing work of referee Robert Byrd, who ignored the moment when Glowacki struck his opponent in the back of the head, after which Briedis replied with an elbow to the chin.

On January 22, boxers held a press conference in Riga, where they answered journalists’ questions and arranged a duel of views.

“My battle nickname is “Traumatologist” So two doctors will meet in the ring. Let’s see who’s who. Winning the trophy will be a great holiday for Latvia, but now the main thing is to work hard not to disappoint anyone” told Briedis

After Krzysztof was once again on the decking, the judge decided to stop the fight in the third round. Then there was a lot of talk about revenge, and the fate of the belt remained in question. The story ended after the fight, when Mairis was stripped of his title for refusing to make an immediate revenge on the Pole.

Now bookmakers are offering to bet on Bridis’ victory, albeit with a microscopic margin in the odds. Mairis is boxing in Riga, and local referees may simply not give the victory to the Cuban in an equal battle.

It should be noted that Mairis has excellent technique and a powerful jab, which he uses not as a remote reconnaissance tool, but as a knockout weapon. There’s a reason he’s already put out 19 opponents. Another of his features – a unique individual preparation for each opponent. Sometimes it seems that Myris is able to adapt to any fighter.

But sometimes he can’t find his distance and start working on it. So, in the battle with Ushik he tried to reach the close range, but the Ukrainian did not let him get close to himself.

Junior Dorticos

25 fights, 24 victories, 1 defeat. IBF World Champion from 2019, regular WBA World Champion (2017-2018) in first heavyweight.

“On March 21, you’ll find out why they call me “Dr. Knockout.” It’s an honor to be part of this tournament and to fight” – announced Junior on the interview in the capital of Latvia, on January 22.

Many analysts have called Junior the toughest drummer in the division for many years, as the Cuban knocked out 22 opponents in 25 battles. One of the best battles in which he demonstrates the strength of the blow was a fight with Dmitry Kudryashov. The junior needed 2 accurate and not the most amplitude blows to send his opponent into a heavy knockout.

Dortikos also recorded loud victories over Edison Miranda, Youri Kalenga and Andrew Tabiti.

Bookmakers’ quotes for Dortikos’ victory are almost as good as Briedis’, so he cannot be called an outsider for sure. Given the knockout statistics and the accuracy of the strike, we can assume that the Cuban is unlikely to force events from the first minutes. It’s more likely that he’ll start looking for gaps in Bridis’s not perfect defense.

It is also important to remember that Mairis has not healed all of the injuries that may come to light if the fight goes on for more than 10 rounds.

Briedis vs Dorticos Prediction

Mairis Briedis – Junior Dortikos: there will be speed and maneuverability on the side of Latvian boxer in the upcoming fight, as well as support from the stands. However, the Cuban is not used to playing on foreign soil. He has been and remains one of the most formidable punchers in the division, and given the shortcomings in Briedis’ defense, Dortikos will have every chance to send Mairis to the decks. We advise our readers to bet on Junior Dortikos to win

  • Our prediction: Junior Dortikos will win.