On March 7 in Ekaterinburg at the RCC Boxing Academy there will be a fight for the WBO International title in the middleweight (up to 69.9 kg) between Russian Magomed Kurbanov and his compatriot Ismail Iliev.

At what time Magomed Kurbanov and Ismail Iliev fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 5:00 PM (UTC+5).

Where to watch the fight?
Box Rec

How many wins and losses Kurbanov have?
Magomed Kurbanov has 8 wins and no losses.

How many wins and losses Iliev have?
Ismail Iliev has 12 wins and 1 loss and 1 draw.

Magomed Kurbanov

The 24-year-old Russian made his debut in professional boxing in 2015. In 2019, Kurbanov was to fight in the title battle against the Frenchman Michel Soro, but could not get a visa in time. Magomed spent all his fights in Russia. The service list of the WBO International champion: 18 fights and 18 victories.

In spite of the fact that in Europe and the USA Kurbanov did not box, his battle opposition was not bad. In 2017 Magomed defeated Akinori Watanabe, and in 2018 – Charles Manyuchi. The last fight the Russian had last November last year and won by unanimous decision of judges against Diego Gabriel Chavez (who, by the way, passed his peak and lost his physical condition).

Kurbanov looks more like a fighter of the power plan, as he regularly goes to the middle distance and invests in strikes. Nevertheless, Kurban cannot be called a puncher, because he has 11 KOs on his account. As soon as the level of opposition increased, early victories ended. The champion of WBO International is boxing in a right-hand stand, his height is 177 cm with a swing of arms 178 cm.

Ismail Iliev

The 26-year-old Russian goes to Ekaterinburg as an underdog, and his chances of winning are extremely low. Kurbanov wasn’t remembered for anything interesting in five years of performing in the professional ring. If the fight was held in Ismail’s native Ingushetia, he would have good prospects.

Iliev had 14 fights and won 12 victories. In 2016 Ismayil had a draw with Belarusian Dzmitry Miliusha, and in 2019 he lost by points to the American Patrick Day. Among his famous opponents, the Russian won only by former EBU European champion Siargei Rabchanka. Last time he entered the ring in July 2019 and won by the decision of judges against Tanzanian Twaha Kiduku.

Ismail does not have a hard blow, so his chances of victory tend to zero. Iliev knocked out only three opponents. The Russian is 177cm tall (like Kurbanov) and his arm swing is 183cm (5cm more than his opponent). The Russian is more like an outplayer. Although he often gets involved in middle-distance exchanges.

Kurbanov vs Iliev Prediction

We believe that Magomed Kurbanov will win. He is no better than Iliev as a boxer, but all pre-match factors are in his favor. The decisive argument was the venue of the fight. In Ekaterinburg, you can beat Kurbanov only by knockout, but Ismail will not have enough dynamite in his fists to do it.

  • We predict a victory of Magomed Kurbanov.