MAD Lions did not lose a single match in the group and on April 5 they will have a fight with FunPlus Phoenix. Who wil be better? – Read our prediction.

MAD Lions

MAD Lions have already reached the 13th line of the world ranking and look like a really strong team, which, on occasion, can compete with some tier-1 rivals. Hunden gathered around himself excellent players who won five matches in a row, while four of them finished with a dry score. This is worth noyin, that the Danes dealt with HAVU (2:0), Chaos (2:0) and even c0ntact – 2:0.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix win with some great difficulties. The team had three fights in the tournament, in one of them they beat Chaos – 2:1, and in the other, the team dealt with c0ntact (2:1). By the way, the Phoenixes themselves have conceded to the European mix earlier, taking only one map. Do not forget that the team’s best card now is Nuke, where they have 73% win rate, and they also plays well on Dust2 (69%).

Betting Statistics

  • MAD Lions have won five matches in a row.
  • FunPlus Phoenix lost to c0ntact in a recent match.
  • Danes occupy the 13th line of the rating.

MAD Lions vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

MAD Lions are currently in great shape, so it’s almost impossible to imagine that the Danes will give way to the tier-3 team. “Lions” may lost one card to their opponent, but the “Phoenixes” will not have enough variety in actions to get a full-fledged win.

  • Our prediction: MAD Lions win

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MAD Lions vs FunPlus Phoenix live stream