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From Gary Rose
BBC Sport at Anfield
Liverpool fans are no strangers to drama and their Champions League exploits left most of them drained.
The Reds have experienced unbelievable highs and lows in recent years – from missing out to last year’s Champions League win on the Premier League title.
As Liverpool raced into a 3-0 lead over Red Bull Salzburg, were pegged back to 3-3 saw Mohamed Salah snatch a dramatic winner on Wednesday night, lovers experienced the complete spectrum of emotions.
Last year Liverpool fell short of an imperious Manchester City side in the league title race, but it wasn’t to the want of trying.
They squeezed every last minute out of a match, scoring crucial goals against Tottenham and Crystal Palace to maintain them.
This never-say-die attitude was on Wednesdayand, when Salzburg finished the impossible to make it 3-3, there was the sense that Liverpool would still discover a way in the end.
“We demonstrated character,” said Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. “I was not surprised about that, which explains the reason why I was not overly worried at 3-3 because I knew we would have chances again.”
Liverpool fans are utilised particularly to winning at home and particularly in Europe.
When Real Madrid won 3-0, they have not experienced defeat in a competition at Anfield since 2014.
There was an air of anticipation. The renowned Anfield atmosphere was somewhat subdued although – clear given the ease.
But when the people found their way back into the game, the home fans did their role. Since they cheered every break 10, they raised their side and each possession-winning tackle.
“At 3-3, our men put a lot in it and they have been a bit exhausted and the power of the scene picks up,” said Salzburg manager Jesse Marsch. “Liverpool is also an unbelievable team.”
Klopp added:”The fans are almost always important.
“In a sport like this to celebrate winning a press ball like a goal. I am like that. The air was extreme.
“The people remember that we’re in Anfield and something is possible.”
In the face of the dominant home album of Liverpool sides have arrived at Anfield looking before the first whistle was blown beaten.
As soon as I requested one Salzburg enthusiast before when he expected his side to triumph, he simply laughed. Indeed, not one would win. At best they hoped to get a draw.
Marsch admitted that his players were similarly fearful of their opponents.
“We had too much respect for Liverpool in the first half, that is for sure,” he explained.
“We learned when you come to a place like Anfield it isn’t merely the competition; it is the entire experience.”
This match also provided a lesson in not getting complacent.
“We opened the door and they had been running through,” said Klopp. “It was an essential lesson for us .”
Liverpool understand where for, they need to enhance and a side that have won every Premier League match.
The boys have a stroll on the wild side
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