Despite the fact that the tournament is WeSave! is a charity, there is no doubt that the confrontation between Team Liquid and Nigma will be fundamental. Who will win? – Read our prediction.

Liquid form

As we all know very well, the history and fame of Team Liquid were not forged by the players who now represent the organization. The team had their best times when they were represented by those who will now become their rival.

Of course, nothing ever lasts in the world. Team Liquid has been updated, and their squad, although not so eminent, but no less promising. The guys decided to move from the Alliance to the “liquid” camp, but apparently during the transition they forgot their game in Sweden.

No matter how experts say that the guys are still ahead, the results are needed here and now. While the team’s game is lame, which is very strange, because the guys have been playing together for a long time. Naturally, win on WeSave! Charity Play will not be any major achievement, but it is possible that through such small local successes, guys will be able to finally find their former self and find their game.

Nigma form

This is the case when players decided to leave the organization and create their own. The guys left Team Liquid, where they allegedly were not satisfied with new contracts. Now they play under the Nigma tag.

We must notice that many have already forgotten about KuroKy and the company. But the guys in the semifinals of the tournament figured out two maps with OG. How do you like that, haters?

Considering the release of the new patch, all the games in the tournament are more likely to have an exploratory character. The guys are testing everything, trying to test them in battle conditions. But this is where Nigma is likely to be set to win. We are sure that the players will want to prove to their former organization that they are the best of them in history. Although, it is so few people dispute.

Liquid vs Nigma Prediction

Bookmakers underlined a favorite in the face of the Nigma team in this match. Judging by the latest games, we can agree with them. The guys are now in good condition. It is unlikely that the match will consist of full-fledged bo5, so we suggest looking at the bet with handicap (-1.5) on maps on Nigma.

Liquid vs Nigma live stream