As part of the championship, the Australian Open, in which Leonardo Mayer will go on the court, and Tommy Paul will confront this fight on January 21.

Leonardo Mayer

This season, Leonardo Mayer has already a large number of matches played, which clearly indicates that the twelfth racket of the world is in good shape, as it was possible to play it. Of course, despite the excellent results at previous tournaments, you should not pay special attention to them, because at those Challengers there were opponents of a completely different level with whom it was easy to take early victories. And since this tournament is much more prestigious and the best rackets of the world have gathered here, it is not so easy to prove yourself. Leonardo Mayer can rejoice that he managed to overcome four stages already, but in the last meeting it was a very difficult game, since the first set was completely failed, so I had to play a lot more carefully. Leonardo Mayer still has difficulty adapting to the court, as previously, almost all matches played were played on a different surface.

Tommy Paul

In principle, the start of this season can be considered not bad, because even though Tommy Polv has six victories in his matches, he has only three wins, but all three defeats were exclusively from the TOP-20 representatives of the world tennis rating. At the same time, a struggle was imposed on all three opponents, which allowed them to win one set each. The main specialization is hard cover, but Paul does not play often in the halls of Tommy, only occasionally applying for such tournaments. In the draws Tommy Paul holds a high pace of the game, and also attacks deeply from forehand. In addition, despite the fact that now is only the beginning of the season, Tommy Paul shows very little marriage in the exchange of blows. Tommy Paul is still in 112th place in the tennis ranking, but this season there is every chance to break into the first hundred and avoid qualifications in prestigious tournaments.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Leonardo Mayer lost the last three of his four matches
  • Tommy Paul finished the last four of his five matches without losing a set
  • Players will hold their first meeting in official matches

Leonardo Mayer vs Tommy Paul Prediction

Meyer is now 33 years old. He is already at the decline of his career, but he will still play several seasons at a good level. Tommy Paul – 23. The American was good at juniors, but in the adult tour he still does not represent anything of himself, he continues to travel around Challengers, only occasionally speaking at ATP tournaments, mainly at home. He has no obvious strengths, hence the lack of results and the low position in the ranking. Tommy took the junior Roland Garros, but in the adult round he performs better on hard. At the beginning of this season, he reached the semi-finals in Adelaide, where on the way he defeated Harry, Beden, Cuevas and Ramos, but after that lost to Lloyd Harris. Mayer is an experienced fighter, ready for a long five-set game, so Paul needs to try to win quickly in this match, otherwise he simply does not have enough strength. Beating a tennis player with Mayer’s cannon feed is almost impossible, so we play from the Argentinean.

  • Our prediction – Leonardo Mayer to win.